Common core standards

7 July 2016

The common core state standards were established to recognize the most necessary skills and knowledge students need. It was the initial step in providing high-quality education to young people. The standard of success were made clear to students, parents, and teachers. The Common Core State Standards insist on core theoretical knowledge and method starting in elementary schools, which made teachers able to consume the time needed to teach core concepts and procedures well by giving students the chance to learn them.

If student, parent, and teacher work on the common goal, they can make definitely success each year. States and Federal government have made a big contribution in common core state standards. States supply almost half of the district’s education budget, which influence teacher salaries, class size, supply, and equipment. State offices of education are also responsible for administrating statewide testing program based on standards. The state office of education in each state is responsible for setting up rules and regulations.

Common core standards Essay Example

State put most of the responsibility over the state board of education. States set up state standards to know what skills a student should have upon completing an area of study. Similarly, states began to recognize the importance of education in attracting high-tech industries and high paying jobs. This insight, plus efforts to equalize funds within the state, has led to an increasing state role in educational funding. States are largest source of educational funding. Federal government’s role is also increased, as the quality of schools and a well-educated workforce become national concern.

It has been providing educational funds. Educational funds were necessary for country’s continued progress in 21st century. Also local funding makes school efficient and responsive to local needs and wishes. Although the federal government contributed a small percentage of education but it’s influence was large because of the use of ‘categorical grants’ used for specific groups and assigned purposes. Categorical grants effected the local educational practice. In 1980, categorical funds were replaced by ‘block grants’.

Federal government imposed a few restrictions on state and school districts for the use of money provided. Started in the conservative Reagan administration, block grants intentionally reduced the role of federal government in policymaking basically giving states and districts control how money is spent. The common core state standards are related to the basic foundation of education as states and federal government has played an important role in the basic foundation of education. The state and local government both were responsible for funding and governing education.

States have the Control of education and have made state education departments and appointed state superintendents of instructions. Teacher preparation was also improved by states. States and local governments imposed tax on citizens to support public schools. Federal government influenced education by encouraging states to set standards to provide common goal for educational efforts. Federal government had created test program and encouraged states to create test to address standards.

Federal government provided material and support for schools and education. It has separated church and schools and assigned the educational responsibility to the states. Government had offered financial incentives also. It has built the idea that schools were necessary for improving the quality of life and helping the nation grow. Thus, States and Federal government has made a connection in common core state standards and the basic foundation of education by playing important role in both of these.

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