Common Courtesy by A Day To Remember

6 June 2019

Common Courtesy Album Review

The Pop-punk band of Ocala Florida,A Day To Remember(ADTR), released their 7th studio album on October 8th, 2013. This album, Common Courtesy, was long anticipated by fans, including myself, for many reasons. The “theme” of the album is never giving up and dealing with all the “crap” that life throws at you, and when people judge you, hurt you, or neglect you, as long as you stay true to your dreams and yourself you will prevail. The songs City Of Ocala. Right Back At It Again, Dead And Buried, Best Of Me, Sometimes You’re The Hammer Sometimes You’re The Nail, and Violence (Enough Is Enough) best demonstrate a strong emphasis on the “theme.” The First half of the album is mostly hard-core, fast beats and melodies. Best Of Me best shows the fast paced, dirty side of the band in this album. The second half of the album is a more slower side but still great nonetheless, it has one or two acoustic songs that reflect the softer side of ADTR.

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With both sides of the album it feels like you’re part of the bands’ personal issues that they write about. The sequence at which the album would go is: knowing where you came from, putting up with others that doubt you, giving in to temptation and eventually fighting the haters, and after the fight thinking over what happened and realizing that fighting wasnt the right route to take to resolve this. My personal favorite song on the album is Sometime You’re The Hammer Sometimes You’re The Nail, the fast-paced guitar riffs with the edgy voice of Jeremy make for a great song. If I was to rate the album I would probably give it eight out of ten, mostly cause I am not that impressed with the slower songs,but that’s just me. I encourage everyone, whether you are into pop-punk or not, to listen to this album with an open mind and try to find something you like in it. You can buy this album for $8 at Target, Best Buy, or on Itunes.

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