Common Love Theme of “Groom Service” and “the Return”

1 January 2017

Common Love Theme of “Groom Service” and “The Return” “Groom Service” and “The Return” are two short stories taken place in a terrible setting with the main character who deals with relationship problems. Both stories have common themes related to acceptance, acknowledgement, and recognition. The protagonist in “Groom Service”, Bernard, had the ability to survive with his hunting skill, but did not dare to seek his own love. He seeks acceptance from Marie and her family. On the contrary, Kamau in the story “The Return” seeks acceptance from a village, but finds acceptances in the change that had taken place.Due to the influence of the internal and external forces created by their family and personalities, protagonists, Bernard and Kamau, did not end up with their desired partner.

Bernard and Kamau both lived in a poor neighborhood where every additional family increases the burden of the family. Bernard’s mother, Martha, is very strict on her daughter – in – law. Since Doris is close to the age of 40, she will not have the stamina to help accomplish the chores. Moreover, Martha is worried about Doris giving birth for the family at an old age. According to Kamaus’ parents, Muthoni, Kamau’s wife, was always well treated by Kamau’s parents.Muthoni gave birth to a baby when Kamau left the family to detention camp. She chose to leave because it was extremely difficult and hectic for her to take care and feed the baby without her husband’s support and help.

Common Love Theme of “Groom Service” and “the Return” Essay Example

Therefore, both protagonists lose their desired partners mainly because of their financial matters. In the difficult maters, people have difficulties in finding their true love because they should prioritize their lives first. The personalities of both protagonists have a big difference in terms of pursuing their love. When Martha asked Bernard to leave Doris, and marry Marie, he took action immediately.Bernard’s relationship is so fragile since when he missed his partner. However with Kamau, he was serious with his relationship, with his wife because he tried to persuade her to stay. Readers can feel the pain Kamau is experiencing when he heard “Muthoni was gone” form a quote, “He was not listening; the coldness in his stomach slowly changed to bitterness”.

As a result, Kamau expressed more love than Bernard. The social ideology is a large contrast between “Groom Service” and “The Return”. In “Groom Service”, the society is dominated by females because Marie is shy and will not bully Bernard.It illustrates to the reader that women have the dominant position in the family. Therefore, it causes them not to take consideration of the husband’s feeling. In “The Return”, the society is dominated by males. Muthoni waited for Kamau until Kamau’s parents knew that the family cannot go on, so they gave her permission to leave.

In fact, if Kamau’s parents do not give away their daughter – in – law, so Kamau can end up being with his wife. However, in “Groom Service”, no matter how hard Bernard tries to stay together with Doris; his desire will never be fulfilled.In conclusion, Bernard and Kamau both do not accomplish in seeking their true love. Their financial complications made them take consideration of the future. Therefore, the standard love is equal to the standard of living. The different attitudes within the protagonists made them have a different reaction when they both lost their wives. The male or female dominated societies bring out people’s personalities and it builds a barrier on seeking true love.

Both short stories discuss on how men force the situation of losing their true loves and end up with the same ending in a different society, but at leave they tried to pursue what they want.

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