Commonalities Between Jewish and Nazi Leaders

4 April 2015
This paper compares Nazi leaders to Jewish leaders, making reference to ‘Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem’ by Hannah Arendt.

The following paper briefly discusses Arendt’s book on the Holocaust and focuses specifically on the way in which Jewish leaders in the past and today exhibit the same political and philosophical motivations as the Nazi leaders in the holocaust.
From a political standpoint the Nazi leaders and the Jewish leaders had much in common during the Holocaust. This was pointed out at the trial as an excuse for the Nazi’s behavior. The political motivation for each side was the same. Keep those who could help, and eliminate those who were a hindrance. In addition there was a moral blinding in each arena regarding the treatment of Jews at the time. Many Jews were afraid of persecution so they in turn encouraged their leaders to turn on the gypsies, gays and other minorities that they felt the Nazis might be willing to take in their place.
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