Communication and Children

8 August 2016

Parents are among the earliest person that are in contact and always stay by the children’s side and thus there are many saying that parents are the first teacher of the children. Since children start from zero from the day they are born, they will start to learn something new by watching the adults and imitating them. Example that can be given is when a baby first learning to talk, they will imitate what the adults are saying. The first word that usually teaches by the parents is either papa or mama and the baby then will imitate the word.

This is how the children first learn to talk and same goes when an adult is cursing others, they will also recording the words used. Next, children can be said as a mirror that will reflect back what they observed. This can be seen by the conduct of the adults that watched by the children. They will simply copying the conduct as children do not know to differentiate between right and wrong. Example that can be given is when a child observing his father acted violently towards his mother in their house and he will then do the same to others.

Communication and Children Essay Example

Some cases reported saying that a violent man or woman usually had experienced those situation since their young age. People will normally hard to change their habits, especially one that they learned from their childhood. An example that can be given is when the adults around the children are smokers or alcoholics, these bad habits usually will be tried by the children when they have access to that stuff. Nowadays the stuffs can be easily be bought even by a minor from the convenience stores such as 7-eleven and other stores.

Same goes to good habits such as reading, appreciating others and also helping those needed. When a child used to follow their parent doing charity work, they will never feel hard to help others. Thus it shows that children learn best by observing the adults. In the other aspects such as foods or fashion, and also in respect of their thinking, adult give many influence in these matters. The behavior of adults can give good and bad implication to the children. This is because children always observes what the adults are doing. When an adult wears sexy dress, they will do the same since they used to see and did not know it is actually wrong. Same goes to the thinking, adult usually ask the children what to do and not to do but sometimes the adult will do to the contrary. This will make the children think whether to do something or to follow what the adults are doing. As the conclusion, it is strongly agreed that the children learn best by observing the behavior of the adult since the children was born zero and the adults who are the nearest person in contact with the children are those who responsible to teach everything and shape the children. [ 500 words ]

2) What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st century? Discuss your opinions. Year 2000 to 2100 is known as 21st century where the society also describes the period as a modern era especially in technology. In order to make sure that the teaching and learning session in this modern era running smoothly as well as to make sure the student may adapt themselves with the era, there are a few steps that the schools need to do in order to prepare the students. The first thing that the school can do is by introducing the technology to the student.

In the 21st century, almost all business in our daily life needs the application of technology. Thus in order to prepare the student with technology application, the teaching and learning process can be done using various gadgets such as computers, iPad, projector, netbooks and others. The use of textbook is no doubt still relevant but by using the modern gadgets, the session of teaching and learning will be more adventure and interesting. Next, the school may prepare the student in the aspect of creative thinking and problem solving.

In the 21st century, there will be more competition in life thus person will need critical thinking and problem solving skills to survive and compete with others in all aspects. In order to ensure the students own this skill, the school may start by providing or training the students with problem based question. In this session, the students will need to creatively think for the solution to the situation, thus this exercise will boost or force their mind. In respect of communication, there are two kind of communication, either oral or written communication. Both types are important of all time, including in 21st century, where the communication will be more fast and easy in this modern era. In the development of various types of gadgets, communication between people seems to be easy since we can contact people from all over the world. The school may train the students in both types of communication so that they will be ready to communicate with almost everyone. The students need more practice so that they can communicate confidently and perfect. Practice will make perfect.

The other skill that the student will need in 21st century is the ability to work with others. This is because although there will be competition in getting something but there is still the need of cooperation to fulfill some task. Example that can be given is in an organization where teamwork is something necessary to fulfill the organization’s goal. Thus, the school may engage students in collaborative groups to conduct investigations, discuss and share learning, and create products that demonstrate what was learned.

This will ensure that the students may cooperate with one another in order to produce what their group’s plan. There are many things that can be done by the school to prepare the students to go through 21st century other than discussed above. Students will easily adapt the 21st century with the help of the school’s programs, plans and exercises. [ 500 words ] 3) Technology is making communication easier in today’s world, but at the expense of personal contact as many people chose to work at home in front of a computer screen.

What dangers are there for a society which depends on computer screens rather than face to face contact for its main means of communication? People nowadays prefer to communicate through technology more than face to face and this can be seen almost everywhere. People are busy with their smartphones gadgets although they are sitting together with their family members or friends. Everyone are busy texting, calling, updating their social account such as facebook, twitter, instagram, wechat, and may other modern applications. Although there are many benefits from these applications but still there are bad effects to the communication. One of the effects is that people will have lack of communication skills where when they always communicate through online medium, they will have no ability or lack of skills to speak face to face with others. They will also will hard to differentiate on how to talk or handle different level of person such as in formal or informal occasion. Communication skill is one of the interpersonal skills of a person and this is one of the most important skills that one’s should have.

Next, the person who always depends on online medium of communication will have the problem of lack of confident level. This is because in online medium communication, the person will not need to meet the person to communicate but face to face communication will need the person to meet with others. When someone who has no experience in face to face dealing with others, they will have the problem with their confident level especially someone who has the nervous attack problem. Thus when they need to communicate face to face, usually the deal will hard to be accomplished.

The other effect is the technological communication is it may affect the ability to express someone’s ideas clearly. When someone are constantly using short forms and slang while texting or in others online medium communication, it is hard to remember to use proper grammar when they need to write formal emails, letters or papers. Technology may harm the communication skills at work and in school since it may degrading the ability to speak publicly and in writing formally. Sometimes the person will not realize that they are using short forms in their formal works.

Technology may also harm our ability to deal with conflict. This can be seen from a situation where we have a fight with our friend, we can just send them a text message or Facebook message to tell what is wrong rather than confront them face to face. Sometime, a personal issue will become a big issue when the problem is posted through the social account with the interventions of others. Many people in society are beginning to take it as an easy way out when it comes to conflict. Although modern technology brings a lot of pleasure in our life but it also may bring harm to us.

Instead of having a pleasant conversation with our family, friends or significant others, we are busy to focus on our computer screens. This will not only harm the skills but also will create a distance with our family and friends. [ 500 words ] 4) In your life experience, what is the best advice you have ever received? Advice is given to remind someone what they should do or what they should not do in their life. Usually an advice was given by someone to the person that they care such as by parents to their child, by friend to another friend, and by a teacher to the students.

People may receive the advice and translate it according to their understanding. It may be used as guidelines in someone’s life. The best advice that I ever receive is from my parent where they remind me to never give up in whatever I am doing. In my understanding, the advice may be used in many situations. The first situation is during my study, where until now I am still struggle to get the highest education that I am capable to achieve. Although I admit that there are hard times during my study especially in dividing time between work, family, and study but the advice given by my parent are inspiring me to do my best.

When I feel stressed during my revision or when I need to faced timeline to send my assignment, the advice keep on playing in my mind to make sure that I will always success in what I am doing. Next, the advice of never give up is also inspiring me in my marriage life, where as a wife and mother who is working and in the same time studying, I feel the pressure but when remembering the advice, I feel strong. I manage to fulfill my responsibility towards my husband and children. I will never give up in fulfilling my responsibility towards my family.

I keep reminding myself to stay strong so that I can take care of my family members wherever they need me. In working, as one of the subordinates there will be a lot of pressure given by the employers or high ranking officers. Advice given by my parent is the inspiration for me to be one of the courage and highly motivated staff. I keep on reminding myself not to give up when given many task and always stay calm in facing the situation. In my work, I have to deal with the public, from various levels of life, attitude and race.

Thus I have to always give my best to help them although sometime I have been cursed by them but it is my responsibility to give the best service to the public. The advice of never give up given is suitable to use in every single inch of life. It can be regarded as inspiration for us to always do our best in whatever we are doing in life. Giving up is not a mean of facing any difficulties in life since if we give up before giving our best, we will never know what we actually can do, our ability to face any conflict of life. Once we manage to settle any conflict rose in our life, we will feel the satisfaction and we will feel stronger.

[ 500 words ] 5) Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue for many countries but its disadvantages should not be overlooked. What are some of the disadvantages of tourism? Tourism in a country happens when the outsiders or people who live in other countries come to visit our country. In tourism, the people who come will be call as a tourist and they will usually visit interesting places in a country either because of the custom of the place visited such as village, beauty of that place such as island around Malaysia, or maybe because they like the weather or activities at that place.

Although tourism is one of the source of revenue to our economy but it also may bring some disadvantages to us. One of the disadvantages that can be identified is from the aspect of criminal, where there are many criminals happen with the entrance of the tourist. Some of the tourist will come using the social visit pass into the country to do crime such as black money, drug trafficking, prostitution and some others. Many cases reported that all the crime was done by the outsiders who came as a tourist in Malaysia and this will ruin our Malaysian. The other disadvantage is the attire of the tourist that comes to Malaysia.

In their country they are free to wear anything that they are comfortable with but in Malaysia there are many attire that they are wearing is not suitable and it can be regarded as not respecting the local’s tradition and customs. Further, there are Malaysian who already influenced by those attires and they start to wear just like the tourist. In Malaysia, there is ethnic’s sensitivity to be respect by the tourist especially Muslims citizen’s sensitivity. Next, in respect of social life, the tourist that come are from different type of religion, for them it will be not an offence to mix between genders but in Malaysia it is indecent to do it especially in public. In some cases, there are tourists that invite the beach boys to their chalet to accompany them. For the villagers nearby it is wrong and may ruin Malaysian. It is not right for the tourist to do such things in other’s country. Further, since many places have been upgraded to be tourism spot, many things are changes, including prices of goods and services. The local traders are increasing their goods and services price since the place is now full with the tourist and it is the time for them to get more profit in their business.

This has led to the local to also suffer the expensive price of goods and services. In addition, the local needs to compete with the tourist to get a place in the public transport and also if they are going to a vacation with their family. The tourist are everywhere and usually in getting a place in the local chalet or hotel in the tourism spot, the tourist will booked months before their vacation but the local will only booked their place in less than a month. The local needs to compete with the tourist although this is their own country.

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