Some children find it difficult to understand what has been said to them, form words and construct sentences, find the right words to express thoughts and feelings, and understand rules for social interaction and conversation. 2. Explain how speech, language, and communication skills support each of the following areas In children’s development. Learning, emotional, behaviour and social. Learning Children learn by listening, by example and by using there speech and language to ask questions. Hearing words extends there vocabulary, labelling things or people helps them learn to use there language appropriately. The earning process is being supported by speech and language. Emotional If a chid is able to use language to express their needs it will enable them to learn how to control and express their feelings and help there emotional development. Page 1 1. 2 Behaviour Once a child is able to use language there behaviour changes, it allows the child to think about things they are doing and express their needs verbally and be aware of the consequences of there actions. If a chid is unable to use speech to communicate and express there wants and needs, it can cause anxiety and frustration and this can have a profound affect on their behaviour.

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An Example of how the lack of speech can have a negative affect on behaviour: child A is playing with the playdough, child B with limited speech joins the activity, child B snatches the playdough cutters that A is using as b is unable to verbalise that they would like to play with the cutters therefore Creating unwanted behaviour in this case snatching. If B could of communicated with A that they would like to use the cutters the snatching could possibly have been avoided. Example 2 of how lack of speech can have a negative effect on behaviour.

It is circle time the children are sitting on the floor child A and child B are sat next to each other. A is fidgety and keeps knocking into B, B has limited speech. B becomes frustrated and hits A as he cannot

Page 2 Communication and Language Essay

communicate to A that he is getting upset by being knocked. If B had been able to communicate to A or a member of staff perhaps A would have become aware being knocked was upsetting his friend and stopped or a member of staff could of intervened before the unwanted behaviour in this case hitting had occurred .

Social Communication and language skills allow the child to be able to understand social codes and behave appropriately, by having speech and language playing children are able to talk through there games extending play, contributing and sharing experiences this all helps towards forming good relationships. Page 2 1. 3 Describe the potential impact of speech, language and communication difficulties on the overall development of a child both currently and in the long term.

Speech, language and communication difficulties can have a profound and lasting effect on children’s lives. For a small percentage of children their disability cannot be prevented, but early intervention is just as vital for those with less severe difficulties to help give the child the best possible support that they will need. The impact of these difficulties will vary according to the severity of the problem, the support the child receives, the child’s confidence and the demands of the child’s environment. Short term effects can include: Frustration • Anger • Withdrawal • Low levels of confidence • Difficulties in making friends • Difficulties learning and understanding new information • Find it hard to communicate and make themselves understood • Behavioural difficulties Long term affects could be: • Lower self-esteem in adult life • May find that they did not achieve their full potential in education • Find it hard to make and maintain relationships • Become isolated • Do not reach a level of independence • Develop anti-social behaviour

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