Communication and Message

Last “SITUATION” is time, place and emotion where the communication takes place.

The seven elements will determine the outcome of speech communication. . What is the difference between hearing and listening? What are some techniques you could employ to improve your listening skills? “Hearing” is the act of receiving sound by the ear. If you not hearing impaired, hearing Just happens. “Listening” is something you choose to do. Listening requires concentration so your brain can process words and sentences.My Father always told my brothers and I “Most people tend to be “hard of listening” rather than “hard of hearing.

” Some of the techniques that may improve better listening are, having the desire to listen. Focus on the message. Listen for main ideas, and understand the beaker’s point of view. It also helps to provide feedback. These techniques will assist the listener in understanding the message. 3. Compare the four methods of delivering oral presentations.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? (1) Reading verbatim from the manuscript.This is acceptable is some cases when you need to be accurate with the message. Some examples given in the book include a religious proclamation, or the Presidents message to Congress. Drawback is if you have not prepared yourself it may come across a little boring. (2) Reciting a memorized text. This method comes across impressive, however it is important to ATA focused on the people your presenting you message and not trying to remember the words. (3) Speaking impromptu.

This means little or no preparation. This would be my hang up.Best to stay calm, and try and concentrate on the subject. No one expects you to be perfect. (4) Speaking extemporaneously. This speech is carefully prepared and practiced several times over and over. Not sure of the drawbacks, maybe staying on tract, and not going off on a tangent.

For me clearly the way I would be more comfortable. 4. What are some ways to use your voice and body effectively when giving an oral presentation? In which areas do you need to improve? I like the way the book described our voices as “unique” no two are alike.This can be a plus if used correctly. The book compared Lincoln and Churchill saying that they had to learn to overcome their problems with practice, and we can do the same. The speaker’s body is a major part of the delivery. Posture, personal appearance, facial expressions, gestures and eye contact will make or break your presentation.

Dress and grooming appropriately is a part of the speech as well. I will need to improve my voice. I think by practicing many times I will feel comfortable hearing my voice and using it effectively.

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