Communication and Time

4 April 2015
A look at the communication process with the elderly.

This paper provides the reader with an understanding of the problems and concerns with communicating with the elderly. The writer interviews four elderly individuals and refers to several journal articles to detail the various communication issues that can arise when it comes to the elderly population. The author argues that advanced communication systems makes it harder to communicate with the elderly.
“Communication is the very foundation of our daily lives. We communicate our wants and desires as well as the things that we are doing to handle other people’s wants and desires. It is also the way we get things done. If we were to suddenly lose the ability to communicate then we would be at a severe disadvantage in life. This very problem can occur in the elderly population based on the changes that they face when they reach their golden years. There is not only a communication gap because of the differences in lifestyles and eras than when they were young, but there are also health considerations that can affect the ability to effectively communicate. Many senior citizens find themselves becoming increasingly frustrated in their attempts to communicate with the world and as a result of that frustration they withdraw and become reclusive. This can cause them to deteriorate faster because of the lack of human contact, therefore communication in the world of the elderly is an essential skill and one that must be adjusted to adapt to their new place in the time line of life.”
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