Communication Challenges and Solutions in Distance Learning

A short look at the scope and challenges of distance learning in the U.S.

This paper briefly explains the challenges of communicating with an instructor and a class in a distance learning situation. It explores the types of distance learning, what the instructor should do, and its pros and cons.
“As both a student and a teaching participant in several online classes and exchanges over the past three years, I have often wondered how my experience with distance learning compared to others. I sought articles that studied both large numbers of students and small groups, and looked at the classes through the lenses of both student and teacher. My experience as a student was with two online classes at Ohio University-Zanesville. The first, in 1997, was through a microwave system that allowed us to see, hear and talk to the instructor and the students at two other OU branches; the format was lecture and brief class discussion.

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Communication Challenges and Solutions in Distance Learning
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