Communication Difficulties & Autism

4 April 2015
Original research covering a case study analysis in which an autistic child is assessed on responsiveness to various theoretical treatments for communication difficulties.

Communication Difficulties and Autism
Autism is a disorder that affects many different aspects of the child’s development. Symptoms may shift and change as the individual grows older, with some appearing later in life and some gradually disappearing (Frith, 1996). The major difficulties affecting individuals with autism are categorized under four headings: (1) impaired relationships; (2) communication difficulties; (3) obsessions and right behaviour; and, (4) idiosyncratic development (Ellis, 1990). Diagnosis is generally performed by referring to Wing’s triad of impairments which includes these major difficulties.

Each of these problems can have a major impact on the life of the child and adult affected by it. In this essay, the focus..

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