Communications Plan

5 May 2017

Communications Plan Learning Team C Louis Lough University of Phoenix BUS/475 Fast Lane Raceway Mission Statement Fast Lane Raceways mission is to provide a fast, safe, and challenging race track for track cars and motorcycles. To provide secure climate controlled storage of vehicles, lodging, and comfortable club house facilities for customers and club members.

By designing a two and a half mile road course including 12 turns with elevation changes on perfectly maintained pavement, Fast Lane Raceway will cater to the even the most advanced and devout racing enthusiast down to the newest rider r drivers looking for a safe environment learn. Offering club memberships with discounts, supporting local car and motorcycle racing organizations, and putting customer safety first will place Fast Lane Raceway above the competition in the eyes of our customers.

Communications Plan Essay Example

Vision Statement The vision statement for Fast Lane Raceway is: To provide a raceway unmatched in quality, racing development skills, and facilities. Goals The goals of Fast Lane Raceway are to meet all objectives and become a profitable competitive business in the racing environment. Objectives Complete construction of registration and classroom building with fully functional ocker rooms prior to the predetermined opening date. Maximize secured land for a fast

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