Communism Still Poses a Threat

Threat Communism has always been in the world causing terror to all small poor nations. These poor nations are hoping that the communism nations will not take them over and force them to change from free to communist government. Unfortunately, communism still poses a threat to the free world. Communism is the idea of not owning private property, instead the government owns the industry, and everyone receives the same amount of money for doing different jobs. This idea began in the French Revolution.

The poor countries are the only ones that need a better government; so they turn to communism as their answer. The Soviet Union tried communism, but it was devastated. I think that communism just makes things worse. It is a system where there is full control by the government. The government tells you where to live, what to do, and how to do it. The leaders get rich while the country gets poorer and poorer. In my opinion, communism is connected to culture and religion. China and Russia are the two main countries that spread communism.

Even though Russia is no longer a communist country it did spread its way of life to Cuba and North Korea. Russia’s Soviet Union believed that there should be no religion in their nation. If there is no religion they need something to fill the gap; they excepted communism to fill that gap. The Soviet Union spread its belief of no religion, its need for stability, and communism to Cuba. Currently half of North Korea believes in no religion. The other half believes in spirits and ancient traditions set down by the Chinese. 2 Through the Soviet Union and China’s efforts, North Korea became a communist nation. Vietnam is a mixture of Chinese and Thai people. They believe in Buddhism and Cunfucianism; two religions that originated in China.

Therefore Vietnam is communist. Laos is strongly supported by Vietnam and China. The Laos people believe in Buddhism and are communist. With communism comes struggles, hardship, and terror. Thousands of Cubans try to escape their communist country by floating in small rafts hoping to hit United State’s hores. Laos is the same way. Escaping their country could be deadly if they are caught, but they are willing to risk it. Vietnam’s economy is suffering because the government relocates people away from the shores that supply them with their most important industry. China and North Korea are so concerned about keeping tradition that they do not advance in any industry and agriculture. Communism can spread by people bringing their way of life with the people comes their beliefs with the beliefs comes the government. If that does not work, they definitely have enough fire power with nuclear bombs and man power to spread communism. Communists pose a threat to the free world. There is no doubt in my mind.

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