Community Assessment

5 May 2017

Community Health Nursing Community Assessment for Lake County Community Description and Data Interpretation Lake County, Illinois is located on the shore of Lake Michigan and borders the state of Wisconsin, sitting in the northeast corner of the state of Illinois. Established March 1, 1839, Lake County consists of fifty-three villages, cities and townships. I have lived in Vernon Hills, one of the villages located in Lake County since 2005. Lake County is considered part of the Chicago, Illinois metropolitan area also referred to as the Chicagoland Area.

Lake County is located north of and adjacent to Cook County, Illinois. According to the 2000 census, Lake County was the 31st richest county by per capita income. (Wikipedia, 2013) There are many affluent communities that are located in Lake County, including Lake Forrest, Lake Bluff and Highland Park which are all on the shore of Lake Michigan and referred to as the North Shore. According to 2012 census data, the population of Lake County was 703,462, which is an increase of 9. 2% compared to the 2000 census data. Wikipedia, 2013) Headquartered in Lake County are many major medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Abbot Healthcare, Baxter Healthcare, Medline Industries, Astellas Pharmaceuticals nd Takeda Pharmaceuticals which attributes to the growth and diversity of this county. Additionally, the Naval Station Great Lakes which is the Navvy’s only training center for recruits is located in Lake County in the town of North Chicago. Additional major revenue sources for Lake County are the Six Flags Great America amusement park which is open approximately eight months per year and the many indoor water parks that are open year round.

While a significant portion of the population that reside in Lake County also work in Lake County, a sizeable percent of Lake County’s population commute to Chicago for work. Conversely, due to the businesses located in Lake County, there are many people who reside in Cook County who commutes for work in Lake County. This is very evident based upon the number of people both riding trains and driving daily from Lake County to Cook County for work and vice versa. Population/Economic Assessment The demographics of Lake County show a significant increase in population and change from 2000 to 2010.

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