Community based organization

7 July 2016

community based organization are basically groups which are not profit oriented and conducts most of its duties if not all at the local level to ensure that lives of community members in which it is located or they are working is improved. Community based organisations deal with are wide range of fields in their service delivery to the residents of a given community. Some of the fields that they majorly focus on are: education, rights of the disabled, health, and gender issues just to mention but a few.

Mostly the community in which the organization is situated always enjoy the advantage of the organization’s services. Thestructure of the management of suchorganization should constitute people or individuals who are closely identified by the community members. This is because they have same experience in terms of problems experienced by the community and they also have the first hand needs of their people. Having people from the community also enables ease of identification of major initiatives to be carried out in the community to ensure improvement in the state of affairs.

Community based organization Essay Example

another reason why having individuals who are members of the community where the organization is situated is, it promotes willingness and desire to better the live of one`s people as well as helping them. This mainly due to services one will be delivering will be doing it to his own people hence he or she will be playing an integral part in the changing of his communities face. a lot of responsibilities are place on the organization by the government since they are very helpful in developing, collection of concerns , planning and delivering solution to most of the communities problems.

By this way they act as gatekeepers as well as storehouse of valuable information for the government on matter pertaining to development and improving of living standards at the community level. Community based organisations are integral organisations in the implementations of most government objectives like improvement in human services delivery, conservation and restoration of natural environment and safety together with revalorization of urban environment.

Since to achieve all this sensitization at the grass root level is of big necessity therefore community based organizations plays this role by availing information to the local people hence creating awareness in them. CHARACTERISTICS OF COMMUNITY BASED ORGANISATIONS Community based organization are characterized by a properly defined board of governance with the members having full knowledge and information on the organization`s expectations. The leadership is also composed of board members who are aware of the values and the cultures that the organizationesteems.

Theboard is always balanced in terms of its membership where individuals from diverse background, with different experience, levels of giving as well as industrial connection make up the full board. Finally the executive director of this organisations are always the spokespersons and they are always individuals with ability to properly articulate the visiontogether with mission of the organization to stakeholders, the media, donors and the public in general. This category of organization is also identified by recruitment of highly competent and performing staff.

The staff members’possess a result driven culture and this ensures that the organizations capacity to provide effective services is increased. This is because of availability of enough resource to support its staff hence realization of its set objectives and mission. They are also known for their provision of opportunities which facilitate staffs growth within the organization. The roles and responsibilities of the organizationalstructures are clearly and properly defined this allows for effective operation and accountability of each staff member.

And finally, employees` in these organizations are achieved through evaluation of performance data of every individual member of staff which is achieved by staff supervision. To make their work in the community effective, they are known for initiation of long-term visions with clear strategies which can get articulated to the community it is serving as well as the board managing it. They are also having indicators and outcome of development as the basis of measuring their impact to the community astheirmission usually defines how it will judge it success.

Above it all this organisations address the legitimate needs of the community bycoming up with and delivering to people programs which are of high quality hence a means to achieving their set missions. Their decisions are also critically made because they are built on data obtained through properly stated indicator and measures of outcome. They also utilize the performance data they collect, since from it they constantly learn and thereafter make accurate changes on their services and this is essential in facilitating quality improvement in their outcomes.

BUNGOMA, ORPHANS, HIV/AIDS, POVERTY ORGANIZATION (BOHAP) Founding Just like all the community based organisations, Bungoma, Orphans, Hiv/Aids, Poverty Organization is a non-profit organization which was founded by Mr. Edwin Wamuya Walela together with his wife Ms. Walela in the year 2004. Location The organization is situated in Kenya’s Western province in Bungoma district in Wamunyiri Kabula village. Main objectives The organization was started in order to reach out and create an impact to lives of children who are not been enjoy the help from international aid.

Most of them are those left orphans as a result of their parents dying of aid. It is also concerned with creating of awareness on HIV/AIDS and straggle to ensure that the numbers of death caused by aids are reduced to the lowest level. It is geared to prevent new infections by offering advice to the community member on how to prevent contracting the disease and living a safe life. Sponsors The organization is not sponsored by any agency or organization, this is to mean that in implementation of all its programs and projects are financed by the founders.

This at time is substituted by volunteers from the community around and other well-wisher in the country. It does its international fundraising and international coordination through a member based in Ireland who also help in facilitating the means of sponsoring the organization by connecting it to other volunteers abroad. Membership It is made up of a committee of eight members who are involved in the planning of its activities and operations in the region. To broaden its services to the community it is based in. The organization is connected to Hill viewpreparatory school where most of children they sponsor attend

school AT. It also have connection with A. I. C Bethany crippled children center in Kijabe, Kabula Youth Foundation and Jaed Homestays and Eco-tourism. Role in the community This organization serves the community by creating awareness on HIV/AID to people, this is by educating them on how to prevent oneself from contracting the disease, how to take care of those who are living with aids. They also sensitize the community member on the dangers of engaging in sex out of marriage or before marriage as a measure to curb the increasing spread.

OfHIV/AIDS To ensure proper dieting, in those living with aids the organization have initiated a program which aims at donating food to those who are infected and cannot afford proper nutrition. This helps to sustain their health hence reducing incidences of death perpetuated by nutrition. They also donate clothing to orphaned children as well as street children. In schools which they are associated with they donate books to increase the library stock in those schools, and computers together with photocopying machines to the administrations of those schools.

These eases the learning and teaching process in the schools. CHALLENGES INADEQUATE CAPITAL The organization has no found stable donors as a result it occasionally suffers the problem of lack of fund to facilitate its activities. This has seen it not meeting some of its set objectives like improving living standards of all the orphaned children in the region. INACESSIBILITY OF SOME PARTS Since the organization is working in a remote village area which is not well supplied with road network, at time it gets tough for them to get access of some needy children in the interior village.

As a consequence some go not served or unreached due to the remoteness of some places. CULTURAL VALUES OF THE PEOPLE There are some cultural beliefs which hinder their operation to offer their services to the community. One being belief on traditional medicine, some members of the community do not have trust in the modern medicine hence prefer traditional treatment to going to hospital. This haselevated the level of HIV/IDS infections in the regions since the form of treatment they prefer is not hygienically and acts as channel for transfer of the disease. REFEREES Growth and development Peter Wisely

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