Community College

10 October 2016

You go to school at a community college? It must be so easy since it is not a real college/university! ” They say that community college is a lot worse than a four-year college or university. They say only slackers go to community colleges so they barely have to do any type of work. They say professors are terrible and do not know what they are doing at all. They say that anyone who goes to a community college will not get a good job in the future.

They may say all of these and more, but have the people saying this ever attended a community college before? Probably not! There are advantages and disadvantages, but every college or university has them. It only takes one person to go around telling others how bad community college is. Who ever does receive this information could easily believe what they have heard. Not only believe it, but also pass it along to many others. Everything that is said or done becomes a chain most of the time.

Everyone has their own opinions, but to criticize somewhere, something, or someone without knowing the facts is not the way to go. Since some people do not take the time to look at the facts, it is my turn to tell the truth about community colleges. Keep in mind that each advantages and disadvantage that I mention can be different from anyone’s point of view. Some main advantages: Community colleges are cheap, therefore a great way to try and save some money. Each class has no more than thirty students in it. Most professors also teach at great universities.

There are many different clubs and programs to get involved in, if you would like. It is a great way to bring up a bad grade point average. Some four-year institutes have transfer agreements with community colleges. Going to a community college for two years doesn’t set you back at all or have any kind of penalties. Some main disadvantages: Students have to commute because there are no dorms on campus. Can have some problems with transferring credits, depending on the school you are transferring to. The libraries are smaller, but there are always public libraries if they are needed.

Can have fewer classes or course choice because it is a smaller campus with a smaller population than a four-year institute. From experience, community college is definitely not easy. I know for a fact I do just as much work as my friends who go to big time universities. Each one of my professors knows exactly what they are doing. None of my professors take it easy just because we are at a community college. That is not an excuse for anyone to use. Living at home can be a great thing or a bad thing. All depends on how you use the time when you are not in class.

By attending a community college for the first two years, it saves so much money. If you also have a job it is even better, because you are saving money in two different ways. Each person has different reasons for going to a community college. I wanted to save money so I have fewer loans to pay off in the future. I like earning my money so I work when I am not at school. Working helps my parents out a lot because I never ask for money. I never thought I would have liked the “college scene,” but when I went to visit my best friends over spring break, I changed my mind really fast.

I also wanted to bring my grade point average up as high as possible so I can get into a really good nursing school. My number one reason for starting off at a community college was because my cousin/Goddaughter was born a couple days after my high school graduation. Therefore, in my situation, community college was the perfect choice for now. It is great to be home sometimes, but I make sure I always keep myself busy. With school, work, and babysitting that is barely ever a problem.

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