Community Corrections and How It Affects Society

10 October 2016

Community corrections, Is what individuals receive when they have committed a crime and is the means of supervising felons and misdemeanors outside the walls of the corrections facility. There are some misconceptions of the American people that when an individual that has be found guilty of a crime is automatically place in a corrections facility behind bars and remove from society untie they have paid their debt to society. There are individuals place behind bars while there are some that commit criminal acts place on community corrects where they are monitored and attend programs while they are on community corrections.

Community corrections is known as probation where the offender is required to follow the rules and regulations and any violations could get the offender place back in jail or prison, depending on the violation that was committed by the individual that is on community corrections. Community corrections can be very beneficial to those that place on probation for various reasons in the way of giving those individual that have committed criminal behaviors that second chance to make their wrongs they have done and make them right in society. Probation was originally much decentralized under the control of local courts, but over time the trend has been toward centralization of adult and juvenile probation at the state level—most often as a division of the state department of corrections. ” (Foster, 2006, p. 461) “Community Corrections/Probation and Parole is the hope and core of justice and safety in our communities. We intervene to prevent the recurrence of crime among juvenile and adult defendants and offenders by supervising them and getting them the help they need to change problem behavior” (Probation, Parole And Community Corrections. the use of community corrections helps to reduce the number of offenders in the jails or prison by putting individual on community corrections it help to reduce the overcrowding within the prisons and jails to make room for those who have committed harsh criminal acts and that really do need to be locked away from society and for thoseepeat offenders that have not learned to change their behavior to stay on the outside do the prison system.

Some people are place in prison or jail, and there are some place on work release, community service, house arrest, probation, community corrections affect society in which they are practiced by helping those individuals that have been accused of a crime try to lead a normal life by helping the individual out when they are out in the community doing community service by doing clean up around the community helping out where there is a need in the same way giving their time to the community try to make up for their crime they have committed in any way they can without breaking the law in trying to do so.

My hypothecs about community corrections is that it helps those individual that have not committed violent crimes try to make up for their mistake by helping the community in ways that helps business, the city, county by providing services that otherwise would have cost money to hire someone to come and do and having those individuals trying to make things better by providing services for their bad behavior is a good way to help improve on what needs to be done and helps give the individual that committed the crime a way to think about what really go them where they are nd if they continue they could face harder consequences then they are doing now so in a way this is a deterrence that could help individual turn to making the changes needed in their lives for the better. Prison systems other foreign countries like japan they have harsh punishments but effective that helps to deter many of the crime. What we think as small infractions of the rules would get an offender physically beaten or placed in solitary confinement, the prisons in American are what they consider luxury compared to what would happen to those place in japans prisons.

Just hear recently japan started using jury’s before they just went off from what the judge said their punishment would be and that would be followed. In other nations the imprison practices can vary, depending on the area of the country that you are in. In japan the imprisonment system is that the inmates work and are given the bare minimal amounts of food for sustaining life.

I would think that adopting another country prison system like japan would really cause some problems because in their prison system prisoners do not get the luxuries that those of the United States get they would not be allowed to sit around, exercise, talk, watch television they would be working by making items for the country. They would not have bars or window they would have cells that had door that they slid food in and out of. Prison life would be horrible for those that were incarcerated.

The type of community corrections that I want to see in my community that I want to implement is that those who have been convicted of a non-violent crime to have the job to help those individual needing a little extra help with making improvements on their homes that can’t afford to hire someone to do it for them like the low income families, or even highway clean up would help keep the roads clean, even cleaning up graffiti where there has been vandalism done to business by those who think tagging building is fun to do.

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