Community Health

10 October 2016

Many of these rural settings may only have one physician or nurse for a 100-mile radius of inhabitants. 6. Describe characteristics of rural and small-town residency. More space; greater distances between residents and services. Cyclical/seasonal work and leisure activities. Informal social and professional interactions. Access to extended kinship systems. Residents who are related or acquainted. Lack of anonymity. Challenges in maintaining confidentiality stemming from familiarity among residents. Small (often family) enterprises; fewer large industries.

Economic orientation to land and nature with industries that are extractive in nature (agriculture, mining, lumbering, marine-related, outdoor recreational activities). More high-risk occupations. Town as center of trade. Churches and schools as socialization centers. Preference for interacting with locals (insiders); prefer working with locals than outsiders. Mistrust of newcomers to the community (outsiders). 7. Examine the role and scope of public health nursing practice in rural and underserved areas. A nurse has a much more complex role in rural communities.

They are often working multiple jobs, which can include working on the family farm or in the family business while also providing nursing care to the community. They are rarely off duty, as many of the inhabitants will ask them health-related questions when they are out and about in the community on personal errands. Because of the lack of other health care professionals, the nurse must do it all themselves and must treat and care for a wide variety of illnesses. They are also professionally isolated so they rarely have other healthcare professionals to collaborate care with.

Nurses in rural communities must also learn to provide the best possible care with very few resources. Nurses will also have a lack of access to continuing their education. They do have better autonomy, have dynamic relationships with their clients as they are often friends, relatives, and neighbors, and have the ability to really get involved in the community as well as to get the community involved in healthcare. 8. Evaluate two professional-client-community partnership modes that can effectively provide a continuum of health care to residents living in an environment with sparse resources.

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