Community Service

9 September 2016

My service work has had a greater impact on my life then I first imagined it would have. I have learned that by helping others, I am also helping myself to become a better person. The opportunities I have been given to help others has helped me mature greatly. In preparing for my community service work, I was struck by how many people, animals, and organizations could benefit from my help. Many people think one person cannot make a difference; I now know that that is not true. For my community service projects, I have chosen to help people in different ways.

Helping raise money for our veterans gave me a wonderful feeling as a simple thank you does not seem enough for the men and women that protect our country. Many of these veterans were wounded and had their lives changed forever while at war. Raising money to help them live a better life was rewarding. My community service with Camp Harmony has changed my life in many ways. It took me out of the comforts of my daily life and showed me that many in the world are less fortunate than me. Although I knew this before working at Camp Harmony, once I met the kids I really understood how lucky I am.

Meeting all of these wonderful kids, I realized that my future would always include helping kids lead a happy childhood. Although happiness is at my fingertips every day, for these kids at Camp Harmony, we create this experience for them for a short period of time. While at Camp Harmony Winter Camp, I had a camper who received a hair tie from my unit head Max. Though it was just a simple hair tie, my camper was extremely happy and thankful and told me that she loved it. She then said that one day she would give the hair tie to her daughter, and that she too would go to Camp Harmony.

I then realized how much this camp means to these children. Training to be a counselor at Camp Harmony was an eye opening experience for me. It saddened me to hear that there would be children hoarding food because many of them did not have much at home. I know that I will continue throughout my life to help children to not go hungry. The community service I have been lucky enough to do so far has changed my life. I know that I will continue to do more community service, and it will continue to affect me in many ways. It has helped me to become a better person and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

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