Public relation provides services for the company by giving the public as well as the media a better understanding on the functions of the company (Wise Geek, 2008). As a whole, public relations provide information on how the company works beyond product developing and events planning.

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On the other hand, advertising provides information about the product while direct marketing persuades the target market to buy a certain product through the information that the company can easily transfer to the consumers. However, each company uses different tactics in giving the customers information about the background of the company and the attributes of each product.

The profits that the companies usually create, promote the product and highlight its features in every aspect. Procter and Gamble visibly uses the site to advertise the products that the company offers to the consumers around the world. The mission and vision of the company is posted together with the images of the goods.

However, there are some pictures that show the professional people that seem to give an idea that those beautiful and neat people are the ones who make the products that the consumers buy in the market. On the other hand, the Ford Company uses direct selling by persuading the prospective customers to look at the images of the cars that are being sold by the company. Apparently, the nonprofit organizations use the sites to explain how their companies work and what their objectives are. These companies use their sites for public relations.

In these three companies, the Procter and Gamble still has the most effective public relations because it effectively creates an image and sells the product to the target market. The company hits the objectives of capturing the attention of the consumers by promoting awareness about the background of the company and gaining brand recognition at the same time.


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