Compare a romantic relationship in ‘Hour’ and ‘In Paris With You’.

8 August 2016

Compare a romantic relationship in ‘Hour’ and ‘In Paris With You’. ‘Hour’ is a sonnet written by poet Laurete Carol Ann Duffy. It’s about a couple in love and describes their relationship throughout the time (hence the title of the poem- ‘Hour’). Hour is about the feelings that arise from spending time with a loved one. The poem suggests that to be with a loved one, even for just an hour, is precious and valuable. It also presents the traditional idea of time as an obstacle to lovers.

‘In Paris with you’ is a sonnet written by James Fenton. In Paris with You is by a (narrator) whose relationship has just ended and who is now in Paris with someone else (“I’m on the rebound”). This suggests a long-term relationship has ended and the speaker is currently enjoying a less serious commitment. The narrator isn’t interested in exploring Paris with his/her loved one; he just wants to enjoy the moment rather than thinking of the future or the past.

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‘Hour’ and ‘In Paris with you’ are two different poems taking a different look at love and relationships. Firstly ‘Hour’ is to do with love and how wonderful it is when you’re together yet ‘In Paris with you’ is about love and how it isn’t always perfect. The feelings in ‘Hour’ is that they are worried that time is running out “time hates love”. These two people are in love which is portrayed from the romantic imagery and the repetition of the word “love” .

Additionally, they are so absorbed in each other which is highlighted in the use of a hyperbole “Your hair like treasure on the ground” which then displays to the reader that the poet decides to use this particular technique because it emphasises that they feel that everything is so perfect and precious. However, ‘In Paris with you’ there is a lot of anger from perhaps being cheated on/walked out on, or upset following the breakdown of his last relationship this is revealed during the poem when he says “Yes I am angry at the way I’ve been bamboozled”.

There is also a feeling portrayed of heartbreak, in pain from the way he has been treated by his ex perhaps an example of this is when he says “talking wounded”. It brings sympathy to the narrator because using a war image which could then mean that he feels like his heart has been smashed into a thousand pieces and it also portrays that he feels sorry for himself (“I get tearful”). ‘Hour’ is about a relationship blossoming in ordinary settings, focusing on the preciousness of the present time rather than the past and future which is also the same as ‘In Paris with you’. By Beth Upchurch.

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