Compare and Contrast

6 June 2016

The power of being a parent is infinite; raising your kids the way you think fit for your children to have the success they need in life to be happy. No one parent is like another, each parent does things in their own way. Telling another culture they are doing the wrong thing by raising their children the way they seem fit is wrong; they have that power. Mothers in general have the biggest influence on a kids’ life, because of the connection they share from birth and on. In the essay “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”, Chua is claiming Chinese mothers know best when it comes to raising children to become successful in the work force. Sacrificing being happy as children for being happy as adults. In another essay “Mother Inferior?” Rosin counters Chua statement.

Chua’s article outlines Chinese parenting, and contrasting them with the Western views of parenting. Parenting for Chinese is like a dictatorship; telling their children what they can or cannot do in their free time. Rosin is the extreme opposite of Chua, “What privilege American children need is not more skills and rules and math drills. They need to lighten up and roam free, to express themselves in ways not dictated by their uptight over invested parents” (Rosin par. 4) Rosin believes children should grow up in a way where parents do not have an influence in their decision making throughout their lives.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example

Chua explains in here essay Chinese children grow up to be the most successful in life because of the lack of having fun when they are growing up. Studies show that Chinese children are growing up to be doctors and lawyers; thanks to the strict study patterns learned from the strict over involved parents. Rosin opens her essay with her explaining a game she plays with her son; making him laugh and run around as a kid should do when they are growing up. Rosin believes her parenting style is better than Chinese parents because she bases it off the happiness of the children, not like Chua.

Chua does not allow her kids to grow up as normal kids; keeping her kids from sleep overs, playdates, or even watch television or play video games. For fun Chua lets her kids practice the piano or the violin; she taped violin notes on the television screen. Rosin lets her children take part in school activities which includes school plays (which Chua thinks should never be allowed). Rosin’s eldest son was accepted into Carnegie Hall, which is the great crescendo if the Chua family story, but Rosin also tells her other children that they are amazing in other things and makes sure that they feel important.

Chua believe that if it is not perfect it is a failure; if their child is coming how with a grade any lower than an A, they are failing in her eyes. Not only they need to get an A in that class but if they do not graduate at the top of their class then it is a disappointment in Chinese mothers’ eyes.

All though both of these essays are about the extreme opposites between two different kinds of parenting tactics, they do have similarities or middle grounds. Both parents want the best for their children. They want future success for them; they just have different ways in letting them realize how tough the world really is. One extreme case is the strict parents; she shows that being happy later in life involves success in the work force. The other extreme is the success through happiness. She teaches her kids that it is ok to be happy, learning what they are good at and stick to it; learning from mistakes. Even though these parents think the other one is wrong, I believe that it is up to the parent. Parenting is difficult and learning from your own mistakes will help you raise your own kids to grow up to the success you believe they can have. Saying that you have the best parenting tactics is not right to say. Sure they might grow up with a higher chance of success, but it does not guarantee anything.

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