Compare and Contrast

9 September 2016

BoxofficeCompare and Contrast Essay Spending quality time with family can be as simple as getting together and watching a movie. Movies evoke several enjoyable feelings, so whether they are watched at home, or out in town, they never fail to bring people together with their endless choices and entertaining values. The dilemma occurs though when it comes time to decide where the family should watch a movie at.

Limiting the experience to either going out in town or staying at home, each option gives people different situations in which personal preferences, finances, environment, and an overall cumulative agreement will be the determining factor in their decision. Families might choose to go to the movie theater for the simple fact that it allows them to get out of the house. Everyone feels like they deserve a “night out on the town” after a long hard week of work or school.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example

Nobody wants to be cooped up all day inside the house, so being able to get out and do something with the family brings billions of people to the movie theater each year. I believe this is the number one reason why anyone still pays an arm and a leg to watch a movie. The high quality picture and lively experience keep people coming back for more. In addition, families may choose to go to a movie theater, because they want to watch the newest releases.

Having watched television all week at the house, and seeing the movie trailers for each new movie builds up the suspense, and makes people not want to wait to view the movie. They want to be able to go watch it right away, so they have some new material to talk about with their friends and coworkers. Going to the movie theater continues to be a great conversation starter as well as an entertainment factor. There are also numerous reason why people might choose to stay at home to watch a movie. I believe the main reasons are cost and comfortability within their own home.

Going to the REDBOX and picking up a movie, or even finding a movie on Demand through DIRECT TV, has made watching movies at home more affordable and enjoyable. This is because people do not have to spend a massive amount of money. Instead, they can lie down on the couch, eat their own food, and cuddle up with the ones they love. Never having to leave the comfort of their own home if they so choose. Furthermore, watching movies at home, gives people the option to pause or replay certain parts of the movie they might have missed.

This is an important determining factor, because there maybe circumstances in which getting up from the screening is unavoidable. Being able to pause the movie, or rewind it, allows people to get the full experience of the movie. Obviously both experiences has its benefit, but when comparing them which one is the better choice? Both experiences give people the option to spend quality time with their family, but they do not provide the same driving factors. Financially, staying at home is the smarter choice, because the movie theater will cost a lot more in the long run.

For one person to get into the theater the cost comes to approximately nine dollars. The average family of five would be spending forty-five dollars just to get in and watch a movie, when they would could have watched at home for ten dollars or less. Not to mention, the price of snacks and drinks could cost an additional thirty to forty dollars at the theater. Ultimately, making staying at home seem like the more financially responsible choice. In addition, going to the movie theater can bring some other disadvantages, such as, loud people and uncomfortable seating.

At home, its easier to control the environment, because there are not a bunch of other people in the house. The theater, on the other hand, cannot control when someone is loud, kicks the back of the seat, or care what type of seat is given. Watching a movie in the theater never gives the viewer the same experience. The only positive factor about going to a movie theater, verses watching a movie at home, is better sound and picture quality. When making the final decision, these factors all end up being personal preferences and are made by a group decision.

Overall, there is no right choice when deciding whether to go to the movie theater, or to stay at home and watch a movie. Personally, I would choose to stay at home due to the simple fact I am frugal with my money, but the only right choice is going to be made with a cumulative agreement. Either everyone must agree they want to go out because they are tired of being in the house all day, or they want to stay in and save money. Which situation really seems like the more logical choice? .

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