Compare and Contrast Art History Research

10 October 2016

Give a brief description of the two art works o In a few sentences, describe the subject or theme the artist is depicting 3. Explain why you chose the two art works you did o This may include personal reasons for your selection (why are you drawn to them? ) o You can explain why the two art works or artists work together as a compare and contrast exercise, or as a research topic for this class (why are they important? o You can explain if you see a connection between the two art works (for example, you could chose two works which depict the same subject and you will explore how each artist represented it, or, you could address how certain cultural values or historical events shaped each artist’s work and influenced their individual styles) 4. Provide a thesis statement o Identify the main argument or conclusion you are wanting to make in comparing the two art works you have selected (this may change as you research/begin writing).

Identify 2-3 questions you will try to answer as you conduct your research 6. Provide a bibliography or works cited list which identifies 3 sources that you will use to support your research (in addition to the Gardner’s text) o You CANNOT use Wikipedia o You must use scholarly/professional sources (art history books, online articles from art historical journals or magazines, or educational/museum/institutional websites) There are guidelines for the research paper on pages 6-10 of your Course Reader. You should use the Organizer document provided on page 9 to get started. *Remember that the Compare and Contrast Research Paper is an important assignment. It is worth 25 % of your overall grade. Please take the time and effort now to consider your research subject. The Paper Proposal represents the starting point of your research paper (due Week 13). ** This proposal is for marks. The points will be included in your final grade for your Research Paper. Getting started with research/academic sources ? Look at the AAU library website to get started (library. academyart. edu).

The library is located on the 6th Floor at 180 New Montgomery. o Begin searching for books using the library catalog (books can be checked out and borrowed for a 2 week loan period, with 1 renewal) o Look for scholarly journals and articles available online by searching the EBSCO database o Use additional online resources such as Oxford Art Online (select “Oxford Art Online” from the dropdown menu under “Online Resources & Digital Images” on the front page of the library website) ? Look in your Gardner’s textbook to see where an art work is on display.

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