Compare and Contrast: Classical vs Modern Music

3 March 2018

Music wouldn’t truly have a purpose with out its audiences. In the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 1 9th century’s music inspired writers, philosophers, aristocrats and other thinkers of the time. Music of a classical variation was not available to the public. One had to attend a performance to experience the work Of composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Music was considered that of the upper class and the sounds coming from the peasant’s homes and markets were lesser versions of these grand orchestras. As time progresses there is a shift.

With the birth of radio, television, record players, and electric instruments, the entire idea of music changes. Music in the 20th century is built on popularity among the masses. One hit wonders rule the radio waves. Everyone, from the poorest of poor to the richest of rich has the ability and right to listen to music. Age matters not in music appreciation, the 20th century marks the time when young children begin to learn the classics on the piano. Music before the 20th century has all the aspects of an underground and music during the 20th century is that underground becoming mainstream.The musical staff is considered a canvas to many.

To view a classical piece of music is to view a work of art. Rising scales clutter the lines and below that measures of volumes, speed and sound are given. Classical composers were geniuses among idiots. The intensity of most pieces from the classical music era is to a degree that a present day musician of what we could consider “equal” caliber would know where to begin. Today musicians use short cuts, tableware for their select instrument. This of course has allowed for a larger number of musicians, however.Returning to classical music, these works of art upon staves are the foundation of music.

They bring structure to a chaotic system of sounds. Modern music is nothing truly to par. However, if the sheet music of today were given to a composer festered, he would have no idea where to begin. So who is to say that complexity is not just differentiated with time. Each person gathers meaning from a piece of art. Whether that art be marble, paint, poetry, or music. To some music is used to represent their anger.

To others, music represent a relaxed.Music of tooth degrees, classical and modern, has played a vital role in people lives. The stark reality is that today, music affects almost everyone. Classical music did for music what the printing press did for the news. Taking the radical roots of our distant ancestors and coupling it with math, the master of classical music no only inspired people living in their generations, but people to come for centuries to come.

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