Compare and Contrast: College vs. Home Living

8 August 2016

Michael Jordan English Comp 1 23 October 13 Compare and Contrast: College living and Home living College is an experience that we anticipate our whole lives. We hear stories about how great it will be, how we’ll find many great and diverse friends, and how it will be the best times of our lives. What we don’t think about is the transition from home living to living at school. There will be many changes some good, some bad. In some ways, things will remain the same.

These changes and experiences will help shape our lives and expanded our cultural knowledge. As college rolls around one of the biggest things that people think about is their roommate. For most people living at home involves having their own room. This is a major difference that is a tough transition for some. Having a roommate involves giving up certain areas of the room for your roommate to have as their own.

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Conversely, the difference at home is that you can organize your room however you want without worrying about pleasing others.

When having a roommate a person also has to be considerate of their time and sleep. If you are on a different schedule then your roommate, you must respect them by keeping your volume down at certain times, whether it’s in the morning or at night. However, at home you control what time you wake up and go to bed. There is no need to worry about disrupting somebody’s sleep. While there are always negatives when having a roommate, there are also positive things.

Having a roommate allows you to connect with someone in a way that you never could with others. When you have a roommate you learn many things from them. Having a roommate allows you to experience a different culture than you are used to as your roommate can teach you about new foods, music, and a whole different way of life. Another major part of home and dorm living is the bathrooms. When living at home, the bathroom is a place where one has the privacy to freely take care of their everyday hygienic needs.

Also the bathroom at home is well taken care of because there is a parent to clean it up or to tell the child to do it. In a dorm, the bathrooms are extremely unsanitary due to everyone using the facility and not cleaning up after themselves. One of the benefits of the public bathroom is that everyone is willing to share their personal hygienic products such as shampoo or body wash, so there is never a fear of having to go a day without one of these items.

In conclusion, when going to live on campus there will be some things that are very similar to the home, but at the same time there will be things that are extremely different that one might like or dislike. There will be mixed emotions about all the things that we experience with the change, but as time goes on we will eventually get used to it. These experiences that people go through allow them to learn new things and meet people with a different cultural background. These different interactions will help shape people into who they will be the rest of their lives.

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