Compare and Contrast Essay

1 January 2017

The Relation Between Men’s Lifestyle’s and Longevity Natalie Angier is the author of the essay I chose from The McGraw – Hill Reader. She graduated in 1978 from Barnard College, and then went on to work as a magazine staff writer for Discover and Time. In 1990 Angier became a writer for The New York Times. A year later she won a Pulitzer Prize for her work as a Times science correspondent.

She also received the Lewis Thomas Award and was one of seven journalists to receive four stars in the Forbes Media Guide. In this essay, “Why Men Don’t Last: Self – Destruction as a Way of Life,” Angier considers the differences between men and women as it relates to the marked difference in life expectancy between the genders. It was first published in 1999 in The New York Times. Angier starts the essay by comparing her father’s habits to other men’s. He was very physically fit and active, ate healthy, and took good care of his personal hygiene.

Compare and Contrast Essay Essay Example

It seemed that on the outside he had everything together, but on the inside he was miserable. He was constantly angry and used violence to release his aggression. He didn’t believe in going to a doctor, and eventually died at 51 from a cancer that could have easily been cured. The author suggests that most men are this same way. Men in general exercise more and take better care of their health than women do. They are less likely to be obese and have less than half the depression rate as seen in women.

Women are much more likely than men to express suicidal thoughts or to attempt suicide. But despite these facts, men die much faster than women do and their average life span is seven years shorter. And although women attempt suicide more often, men in the U. S. die four times more from the act every year. Whether it is a need to feel masculine or show off, men exhibit more reckless and self – destructive behavior. As a result of their driving, they are far more likely to die behind the wheel or kill others in car crashes.

Men also die by homicide much more often than women. Statistics show they have a much greater chance than women to become alcoholics, drug addicts, and end up in prison. Young men often go down a path that leads to them becoming suicidal, dropping out of school, or committing murder and other crimes. It is difficult for those who study this crisis to explain these sex-specific patterns. Men are greater risk takers, and an example of this illustrated in the essay is gambling. This makes men feel powerful and knowing others are watching gives them a rush of excitement.

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