Compare and Contrast Essay

6 June 2018

Following these discussions, students will explore a second poem provided by the instructor as an example of another work that deals with the same universal theme. Students should note the ways each poem deals with that theme and discuss the similarities and differences in their essay. Length Requirements: 3-5 pages Audience: Imagine that you’re writing this paper to present at Undergraduate Research Day Sources: Choose one pairing of a love song and a love poem to use for this paper: 1 .

Fine China by Chris Brown & I Knew a Woman I Knew a Woman by Theodore Reroute 2.Lotus Flower Bomb by Wale & she being Brand by eve. Cummings 3. Thinking Bout You by Frank Ocean & Callous (In paths untutored) by Walt Whitman Poem A Poem B Documentation: Because you are imagining yourself as a writer in the humanities discipline, you should adhere to the guidelines of MILA documentation style. Writing Process and Due Dates: Discovering Ideas: Choose one of the three topics listed above to write about in your essay. In a word document, write a couple of sentences that tell me what you chose and why.Feel free to do background research on the song or poem if you are unfamiliar with either.

Due 4/1 5/13 by midnight via CAMS Planning: use the handout labeled “Comparison and Contrast Organization Strategies” to prepare an outline for your essay. Due 4/19/13 in class Drafting: Prepare a draft of your essay over the weekend. Bring two (2) copies to class for peer review. Due 4/22/1 3 in class Revising: Complete your peer review conference with Proof. Shelton Due 4/23/13 in 304-8 Editing: Complete a writing center consultation.Schedule an appointment here: www. SST gag.

Enclosing. Com Due by 4/24/13 Publishing: Final Draft due 4/25/1 3 by noon. Organizational Strategies: When preparing this assignment, you should observe the following general Truckee: Introduction The introduction paragraph of the essay should introduce the text(s) that the writer intends to talk about. As with any introduction paragraph, the writer should provide any background or contextual information that their readers will need to know understand the essays discussion.Remember that good introduction paragraphs also begin in an engaging way and end with a focused statement of the claim that the writer is making in the essay, or the thesis statement. The thesis statement for this essay should make a claim about the similarities and differences between the two poets’ approach to the epic. Body The body paragraphs of the essay should support the thesis statement that makes the writer’s claim about the similarities and differences between the two poets work and how they address their topic.

Conclusion The conclusion paragraph of the essay should reiterate the writers claim about the similarities and differences between the Finn poets’ work. Evaluative Criteria: When evaluate your response, will be looking to see how well you have met the goals of the assignment; that is, I will be looking for how well you analyze the text(s) and how well you apply your analysis in describing the similarities ND differences between the text(s).

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