Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

3 March 2018
Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

In most cases, students enjoy writing compare and contrast essay as it isn’t a boring activity as provides an opportunity to use the imagination. For those who like giving their opinions on everything, writing a compare and contrast essay is such a pleasant engagement. It’s surely much more interesting to compare two things that describe only one. This process allows you to find out something new.

At first sight, you can find it difficult to write a compare and contrast essay. The harder step in this process is choosing a topic as there is a great variety of many different ones. The main rule is to pick the theme you are completely aware of. It is not enough just to have two ordinary things. If you want to write a good essay, you should select two things that have enough number of differences and also have enough similarities. Such things will be interesting for you and readers to compare.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students
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However, it’s not forbidden to compare things that have nothing in common particularly. If you are confident in the high level of your creativity you can give it a try and analyze music and spring, though, nobody will force you to do such things. So, think careful while choosing the topic.

To write a compare and contrast essay, you need to have a good imagination and all your attention. But if you need to sound detached, you should be aware of facts. It’s not enough to give only your ideas as your paper needs facts and evidence. Look for reliable sources before you start writing your essay. They shouldn’t be too old but have to include books, documentaries, journals, scientific magazines, and newspapers.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you are a student, you probably know common essay tips. However, not all of them can be perfectly suitable for the compare and contrast essay. If you are wondering what to do first, begin with distinguishing the type of your topic. There exist four different types such as events, situations, people or characters, and places. If your topic belongs to the category of events, you probably will write about historical events or book’s episodes. When you are comparing the episodes from your life, it is the category of situations. In case, you’ve picked the locations to describe; your topic belongs to the category of places. And the category of people and characters means you’ve chosen the story.

Don’t forget about the typical structure of the essay. Usually, your paper should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph. It is necessary to follow this rule to have a perfectly completed essay.

Start your composition with a hook. It is supposed to be catching and appealing. You should tell the reader what your topic is. We highly recommend you to do it interestingly. State your thesis statement that will express the main ideas of your paper. Present all of this in the introduction paragraph and make sure it is exhaustive enough and not too long.

Develop your arguments in the body paragraphs. You should do some research to be objective and place true information. Your thesis should include three ideas and each of them you are supposed to broaden in the main body. Discuss one argument in the one paragraph and hold up your ideas with the evidence and facts. Be sure you’ve placed enough evidence; there should be at least two or three in each paragraph.

Make sure you know that the counterarguments on your ideas exist. Pick up at least one of them and prove that your arguments are supporting with evidence. Make your readers believe you are right in your persuasion. Place the opposite opinions and deprecate them with yours.

After all, you should restate your ideas and convince the reader that your opinion is correct showing in few sentences how did you prove your rightness in the body paragraphs.

Some Tips for Writing a Compare and Contrast Topic Essay

There are a great number of useful words that will be helpful for writing a good compare and contrast topic essay. They include such words and phrases as like, both, as well, same, similar, in common which can be used in the comparison. You can use such words as instead, although, on the other hand, yet, meanwhile, and whereas if you are stressing of the contrast between things.

Try to pick up a capturing hook. It may include quotes, parts of poems, jokes, rhetorical questions, metaphors and other different devices. Pay great attention to this as it’s your chance to attract the reader and make him take your paper and read it.

Don’t let your brains relax. Think all the time of your topic and take some notes of your thoughts. Take a piece of paper before you start the whole paper and write down the list of differences and similarities of the things you are going to compare. After that organize your opinions and begin writing your essay.

Find some examples that will help you. Try to discover sample essays on the same topics, and you will understand the structure and plan of the paper. In addition to this, you can examine the ideas of others writer concerning on your topic and connect them with your own.

Put the quotes in your composition to make it more powerful and effective. They will become great evidence to hold up your opinions. They show that you aren’t the only one who thinks in the way you stated and they will make your readers believe in your rightness.

You can ask someone for help if you need to improve your ideas or check your essay after you’ve written one. Remember about rereading your paper and improving it until it becomes perfect. Don’t forget about grammar checking and correcting misspelling words.

At the finishing step, format your paper. You should choose a format that is appropriate for your class and college. One of the most important things that committee take into consideration is the structure and format. It is a type of “CV or visage” for your paper. That is why do not underestimate this aspect.

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