Compare and Contrast India and China

7 July 2016

While both Han China & Gupta India had imperial administration there were some similarities and differences between the two civilizations. Similarities include, both of the civilizations flourished during this classical period of their history in various ways. Differences include, Han China had a bigger role in political theory than Gupta India. Unlike Han China, Gupta India did not place as much emphasis on political theory.

The importance of politics in China can be shown because, in order to live a good life you need to be part of the society, politics in India did not develop because of the structures implanted in the caste system, (regional political units were often highlighted). The importance of politics in China can be attributed to Confucius belief, that in order to live a good life, one must participate in politics. In India, due to the caste system, there really was no need to have a strong political system like China’s.

Compare and Contrast India and China Essay Example

Present time in India it seems that there is a stronger political system than caste system, but in China there is still a stronger political system. In both Han China & Gupta India, there were some similarities in their imperial governments. Under the rule of these dynasties both of the civilizations had a great advantage of trading because in India the empire insisted on trading and secured the area of trading (Khyber Pass), while in China they were trading through the (Silk Road) with the Roman Empire and the Chinese empire also provided security for the trade route.

Both of these civilizations provide security in the trade routes, to prevent any attacks from the huns and have troubles in their trade. Another similarity these two civilizations had was the use of religion/beliefs to gain political power in their regions. As we can see Han China uses the beliefs of Confucianism to gain political control over China, because it is said that in order to live a good life you have to be a part of the society and participate in politics & Gupta India extensively utilizes religion of Hinduism as a method of gaining political control over India even though they only had (regional political units).

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