Compare and Contrast Parenthood in Equus and Spies Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Compare and contrast the presentation of parentage in Spies and Equus Spies which is written by Michael Frayn nowadayss parentage in assorted ways. The book is set during the Second World War in which Stephen a little. weedy and easily-bullied male child. along with Keith. a private school member whose household was socially superior to their neighbors. believe they have found a German undercover agent. However. this evident undercover agent is the female parent of Keith. Mrs Hayward. The male childs frequently misbehave during their probes ; nevertheless order is restored with the usage of rigorous parenting accomplishments. In add-on to Spies. parentage is clearly presented throughout Equus due to the work of Peter Shaffer. The chief action within Equus takes portion in the ‘Rokesby Psychiatric Hospital’ . Equus is set in the ulterior phases of the twentieth century. about between the old ages of 1970-80. Dora and Frank Strang are polar to the secret plan of Equus. as they care for and besides implement rigorous rearing accomplishments on their crazed boy Alan Strang who had blinded six Equus caballuss with a metal spike. The undermentioned transition within Equus. demonstrates Frank Strang’s work as a male parent to forestall his boy coming into class with points that may negatively impact him in the hereafter without the usage of violent behavior. and steer him into a way he knows. which in this instance is reading.

“Frank: It seems to be offering you something. but really it’s taking something off. Your intelligence and your concentration. every minute you watch it. That’s a true swiz. make you see? I don’t want to be a killjoy. old buddy – but there truly is no replacement for reading. What’s the affair ; don’t you like it? Alan: It’s all right. Frank: I know you think it’s none of my beeswax. but it truly is you know. . . Actually. it’s a shame when you come to believe of it. You the boy of a pressman. and ne’er opening a book! If all the universe was like you. I’d be out of a occupation. if you receive my significance! ” . During the procedure of this conversation it about feels as if Frank would wish to utilize rigorous subject such as violent behavior in order to do Alan listen. although he keeps his calm. Although accordingly. this may be the ground Frank uses violent behavior when Alan rides a Equus caballus along with it’s proprietor during a trip to the beach subsequently on in the drama. In add-on to this. the despairing justification of books shown by Frank represents a realistic attack to how a male parent may forestall their boy taking portion in a specific activity. that they do non hold with.

Compare and Contrast Parenthood in Equus and Spies Essay Sample Essay Example

Alternatively. if Alan was a female the likeliness of Frank leting his kid to watch telecasting would be comparatively high. However. Dora Strang shows how female parents have a stronger relationship with their son’s. “Dora: All the same. times change. Frank” . This quotation mark besides demonstrates how Dora is more indulgent when rearing Alan. and besides shows that she is considerate of the bit by bit germinating coevals. Peter Schaffer may hold added these contrasting relationship factors between female parent. male parent and boy in order to do the plot line of Equus more life-like. It can be besides seen that. aswell as Frank Strang utilizing non-violent behavior when rearing Alan in the early phases of Equus. Mrs Hayward besides portion takes in the usage of non-violent subject. However. this soft signifier of subject is used on Stephen who is besides a boy like figure to her throughout Spies. “I don’t want to hold to halt him seeing you. ” she says. really quietly. “But so I don’t want him acquiring into any sort of trouble” . This conversation between Stephen and Mrs Hayward demonstrates a female parent protecting her boy from potentially sick wonts. which in this instance is descrying.

This is about an indistinguishable manner of rearing which is used by Frank Strang. This signifier of parenting may be noticed as secondary beginning of rearing. as Mrs Hayward is non straight rearing her boy Keith. but seting the outlook of the close friends he keeps in his company. This displays Mrs Haywards sheer intelligence when seeking to steer her boy. Throughout Equus. Frank and Dora Strang are invariably by their son’s side and want to be involved in assisting Alan whenever possible. It can besides be said that they are acute to learn him the cardinal factors of life. However. most of the duty of caring for their boy is taken up by Dora Strang. “Dysart: Mr Strang. precisely how informed do you judge your boy to be about sex? . Frank: I don’t know. Dysart: You didn’t really instruct him yourself? . Frank: Not in so many words. no. Dysart: Did you. Mrs Strang? . Dora: Well. I spoke a small. yes. I had to. I’ve been a instructor. Doctor. and I know what happens if you don’t. They find out through magazines and soiled books” . This subdivision within Equus shows how Dora Strang takes up the duty to inform their son’s of sensitive issues. Normally. this is the function of the male parent when discoursing these issues with a male in day-today life. This subdivision besides demonstrates that this is an of import subject to Mrs Strang and she hopes that her boy will absorb the information she is feeding him.

However. Mr Strang does non take much notice of such an influential subject on a immature man’s life “Dysart: You didnt really instruct him yourself? Frank: Not in so many words” . A counter statement to this is found in Spies in the signifier of Mr Hayward. Alternatively of caring for Keith. he could about be considered as a bully to his boy. and frequently canes Keith for even the smallest of misdemeanors. For illustration. during Chapter 7 Mr Hayward demands a thermos flask which he believes Keith has taken. “His male parent comes out of the garage once more. ‘I’ll give you until bedtime to believe about it. ’ he says to Keith. ‘If it’s non back by so you’ll acquire the same once more. And so once more tomorrow. And so on every twenty-four hours until it’s back. ’ This indicates that Mr Hayward is a pitiless adult male. who goes with his intestine inherent aptitude and alternatively of kindly explicating to his boy the disadvantages of stealing. as a responsible parent should. He threatens Keith of even more violent behavior. until he gets what he wants. Mr Hayward’s behavior is peculiarly scarey because it is frequently followed by a show of false joy. He frequently signals his displeasure with a minute smiling and by turn toing his victim. which is frequently ‘Keith’ as ‘bean’ or ‘chap’ . “Where is it. so. old bean? ”

This may negatively impact Keith as he may believe his male parent does non care for him really much. This once more indicates Mr Hayward’s hapless parenting accomplishments. as a good parent should ever do their kid feel as if they have person to trust on. instead than doing their kid fear them. However. little subdivisions of Mr Hayward’s violent behavior is besides echoed in Equus. This can be shown when Mr and Mrs Strang take Alan on a day-trip to the beach. During Alan’s twenty-four hours trip to the beach he comes across a horse-rider and his Equus caballus Swizzy. Alan is offered to sit the Equus caballus. which he does. to the discouragement of Frank and Dora Strang.

Both parents are frightened when they witness their boy siting a Equus caballus with a alien. and this leads to an un-expected usage of violent behavior by Frank Strang. “Frank: Come down at one time. Right this minute. Alan: No. . . NO! Frank: ( in a rage ) : I said this minute! ( He pulls Alan from the Horseman’s shoulders. The male child scream. and falls to the land ) . This sudden explosion of violent behavior by Mr Strang demonstrates that he is prone to a sudden effusion of choler. This besides. shows that this can take to his responsible parenting accomplishments neglecting at times. In this case. Mr Strang’s hapless control of his choler led to Alan wounding himself. “Dora: He’s grazed his articulatio genus. Frank – the boy’s injury! ” . This frequently leads. to parent’s repenting their actions. However. Mr Strang has no compunction for his actions.

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