Compare and contrast Wintson and Julia

8 August 2016

Winston Smith is a thirty- nine old year old. He is very thin and unfit. He is employed as a records editor in records department at the ministry of truth. He is also an outer party member living the victory mansions. Winston suffers from an itching and inflaming ulcer in his right ankle. He knows he does not like the party at all but doesn’t know how to rebel against them. Although he would like more people to revolt against the party. Winston despises big brother, and will do anything to destroy it, even writing,”DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” (Winston 18) in his diary.

Winston isn’t very enthusiastic about things, he wakes up in bad moods does his group exercise in a bad mood. and the only thing that keeps him at peace is Julia Julia is twenty-six years old worker for the party as an machine operator in the fiction department in the ministry of truth and is ironically part of the junior anti-sex league for adolescents. She is known for having sexual relations with older male party members and does not care if she were to get cought or not. Julia knows big brother does exist, but she doesn’t want to destroy it like winston does.

Compare and contrast Wintson and Julia Essay Example

Julia can move with out being noticed, the telescreens are watching everyone they don’t seem to be paying much attention like they do to winston. Unlike like winston, however, Julia is much more openly rebellious than Winston is. Even though the have many differences, they also have many similarities. They both hate and want nothing to do with the party. When they both meet O’brien they both know that they want to be part of the anti-party. Also, despite them loving each other they both ended up betraying each other.

After they get caught and separated by the thought police, they end up meting each other and saying “I betrayed you” (Winston and Julia 292). Fully admitting to each other that they betrayed one another when they were being tortured, they showed that in the end they only thought of them selves. Julia also says “You think there’s no other way of saving yourself, and you’re quite ready to save yourself that way… all you care about is yourself. ” (Julia 292) They’re are similar because they both gave up the other person to keep themselves safe.

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