Compare: Ford vs Honda

9 September 2016

Grant Mattiussi Southern States University – Consumer behavior – Professor James Shaw “Vis-a-vis” Consumer Trust between FORD and HONDA websites First of all, I choose one auto company from North America (Ford) and one from Asia (Honda), because of their different ways to attract customers.

Looking both websites vis-a-vis (face to face), based in the customer trust that the websites try to transmit for the people that visit then, searching around for information about their cars or just looking for a new auto to purchase, I would say for sure that the website that most attracts my attention is the FORD (http://www. ford. com) , it looks better and it transmits more reliability for the visitors, with a modern website, and its also very easy to navigate and find wherever you are looking for, meanwhile the HONDA website (http://www. honda. com) it looks very simple, with just one image in the corner , and a lot of words and links, it looks kind of messy for the consumers, and it’s a little bit complicated to navigate, maybe this happens because those companies are totally different concepts of auto industry and they have different target consumers, as we can see in the companies slogans, FORD says “Go Further” and HONDA slogan says “The Power of Dreams”.

Compare: Ford vs Honda Essay Example

FORD claims that theirs autos go further and have more lifetime than the competitors, with a lot of new technologies and all types of vehicles, from a basic car up to a heavy duty truck. HONDA clams that their autos have the power, and performs better than the competitors in all kinds of terrain, from the water to the race tracks, the bigger difference in theirs portfolio is that HONDA produces motorcycles and water motors and ford produces heavy duty trucks.

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