English – Unseen practice Compare the ways in which the texts achieve their purpose Text A is an advertisement for Abernethy biscuits; it was published on 19th June 1830 in the courier, a Manchester paper. This text is trying to appeal to all ages. Text B is also an advertisement for Weston biscuits. It was published in Good Housekeeping magazine in 1943 during the Second World War. This magazine was very popular amongst the women before and during the war. Both texts have different approaches to achieving their purpose and that is why their structures are very dissimilar.

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For instance text A is an advertisement in the paper which means that there are no illustration to support the advertisement, however the layout of the advertisement is like a poem which adds a more friendly approach to the reader as it makes it softer and less aggressive to the reader. Whereas text B is advertised in a magazine meaning that there is more room and that the advertisement needs to stick out and by using the image it aids the advertisement to relate to the women reading the magazine as the image is of a working woman during the war.

Both texts use different methods to attract the reader such as Text B uses different fonts to help interest the reader; therefore the reader will be encouraged to keep reading as the fonts help to keep the attention of the reader and to entertain the reader as the advertisement goes on. Text A on the other hand only uses the same font throughout the advertisement but uses a rhyming method to keep the reader entertained and motivated to carry on reading, this assists the advertisement to sell their product as it relates to all of the people reading the advertisement.

Both the advertisements use different language choices. In text A we can see that the type of language used is what would be used during the 1830’s such as the words, “quickly hie”, and “King’s Arm nigh” this sort of words help us to understand the context

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of the advertisement as they would have been used during that time. The use of the word “hie” and “nigh” create the sense that we are reading in that time period of the 1830’s. The purpose of the advertisement is heavily influenced by the choice of language because in Text B the type of language used is the stereotypical English speech.

For instance “all- round value” this choice of words persuades the reader to buy the biscuits because “the girls on the munitions” need the biscuits and so should the women reading the magazines. The type of words used on Text A are rhythmic and make the advertisement catchy and easy to remember and that is what the advertising company wants, they want the advertisement to sell the product but also to help people remember the product for a long time afterwards.

For instance words like “nigh” and “buy” these make the reader remember the certain words that will encourage them to buy the product. This is the same for Text B as it also uses very upbeat and catchy words that attract the reader and this aids the reader to remember the advertisement. Such as “lot of energy” and also the way the words are presented. Certain words like “Weston Biscuits” are put in bold to stick in the readers mind and make the company memorable to the reader. Overall both the texts use different methods about how to achieve their purpose.

Text A uses many techniques such as rhythm, and using the poem like structure to help sell their products. The rhyme adds a friendlier approach and makes it appeal to all the readers and not just to the one audience like Text B. Text B also uses many different techniques to achieve its purpose such as, the different fonts, the illustration and the short story. The illustration and the different fonts make the advertisement fun and attractive to the reader. This assists to the marketing approach that makes the reader want to buy the products.

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