Compare yourself today and yourself five years ago. in what ways are you same or different? That changing of people over the years plays a significant role in their future is an undeniable fact. Should people realize the advantages and disadvantages of their changings, they will ponder over them much more scrupulously.

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This issue has recently been the topic of debate among experts. I do believe that changing of people over years is the natural rule and If I you asked me have I changed over the past five years, I would say that I changed a lot in positive ways and all of these changes have affected my success, and these are my justifications.

To begin with, I have been more logical, patience and calm than before five years ago and these changes are really good for me because they have helped me to be more successful. for example I have no much stress when I have exams now and I am really calm at exams. because of these positive changes I have finished my university and I got my post graduated degree and I have studied more calmly for engineering license exams and of course I got it too.

The second reason why I advocate this point of view lies in the fact that I have been more sportive and I do different kinds of sports regularly everyday so I have been elevating my body and spirit, Therefore I am in good shape and mood. the third change is that I have been more realistic than before five years ago and I got this characteristic by facing different kinds of problems in my life.

Finally, I have been more experienced in my career, five years ago I was 22 years old and just got my bachelor degree without any job experience. Then I started a full time job on a 30 months contract and this was a wonderful opportunity for me because I got some valuable experience and know how to be a positive member of a group.

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