6 June 2017

In the two essays Remarks to the NAACP by Michelle Obama and Junking Junk Food by Judith Warner both Obama and Warner show their difference in opinions about changing people’s eating habits. Even though they’re both different approaches each is right in their own way and very similar. Obama wants more government involved in fghting obesity but Warner thinks government should be less involved or at the least take a different approach to the problem at hand.

Obama feels it’s a moral right to use government in this fght while Warner feel’s we should be allowed to make our wn, moral decisions. Obama believes more regulations and laws will help change obesity in the long run yet Warner believes a shift in cultural attitudes will be the only thing that brings a lasting change to the problem.

As you can see even though Obama and Warner may have their differences on the approach to take with this issue both are valuable in their own way and both want a similar outcome, which is to end obesity and for everyone to live healthier lives Obama took it upon herself to create the Let’s Move campaign to help bring attention to the problem of childhood besity in America and to motivate children to get up and move at least an hour a day for their health.

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In doing this she has helped a lot of people realize that we have an epidemic on our hands and it needs our upmost attention. So with her campaign she is spreading the word about the existing problem and also she is giving her thoughts on solution’s to fixing the issue to all who choose to listen. Yes this can be considered as government intervention, but in the end it’s for the better of mankind as a whole. Warner takes a different approach by thinking it’s best to come at the roblem from a cultural point of view.

You see in her eye’s the way Obama is approaching fixing the problem of childhood obesity is by focusing on Just changing specific eating habits for the individual. Warner feels the best way to approach this problem is by presenting healthful eating as a new, desirable, freely chosen expression of the American way. In going about it this way she believes you’re involving all American’s and not Just targeting individuals who are already obese. Warner is more focused on the whole world changing their views and not Just a ertain percentage.

It seems that the more you look at it Warner isn’t so much against government intervention Just the approach that the current government is taking on fixing the problem. In her speech Obama let it be known that this was an issue that was a particular concern to her and basically let it be known that she felt it her moral right to do something to stop people from living unhealthy lives from an early age. By her being a political fgure as she is when Obama took obesity as something of a personal, moral issue it naturally became public knowledge.

Therefore when she got in the fight to stop obesity it might seem to some that “the government” was trying to give us advice on yet another personal thing. But really that’s not the case. Obama is Just a political, public figure to most of us, but she is still a caring human being, who wants to help others. She Just has the disadvantage of people not realizing this and Just thinking she’s a part of the current government and only trying to tell us how to live. When all she’s really trying to do is help on a big time scale as any decent human should.

Now you look at it from Warner’s point of view. She believes we can make our own decisions. That we don’t need help trom a government that doesn’t understand how to tackle the issue in the right way. So it seems that she feels it’s her moral right to do it as she sees fit to fix unhealthy lifestyles. It all goes back to them having different points-of-view on how to solve the issue of obesity and to the fact that one is deeply imbedded in government and the other not so much. One reaches a wider audience and the other not so much.

Warner Just feels we can do it on our own in a better way and there is nothing wrong with that. But when it comes down to it who’s to say one is more morally right then the other one? Both their plans help whatever audience they reach to live better, healthier lifestyles. Because of who she is Obama has at her disposal the tools to help push whatever objective she has in mind to the masses and also she can have a heavy influence to help get laws passed on things the normal person may have a hard time trying to accomplish .

In this case she can use her status to help get laws and regulations passed that she thinks could help stop childhood obesity from happening. And she’s done that and then some in her fght against obesity by working with the FDA and the food industry to provide better labeling on product’s, by creating a law that requires chain restaurants to post the calories in the food they serve, and she’s working with doctors and pediatrician’s to ensure that they routinely screen our children for obesity to help prevent it at an early age.

Though it would seem to be yet another ntrusion by the government into our lives I feel it is Obama working the system for a great cause. Sadly not all people see it that way. Now from Warner’s perspective she clearly states that she believes a cultural change is what offers the best hope for transforming how and what Americans eat. She writes that she agrees with David Kessler’s theory that social norms need to change and people need to view huge portions of food, or eating processed foods loaded with sugar, salt, and fat as being socially unacceptable.

Basically she feels if we start viewing all things that are nhealthy for us as being something bad for the whole culture when we consume them then it would be like everyone was doing it for the better of our culture by not eating unhealthy at all. This way it becomes a group effort and not an individual journey and to Warner this is where the lasting solution to the problem of childhood obesity is found. It’s a great plan. Now one has to wonder if it were possible would Warner also help get laws and regulations passed to fight the problem as Obama did. You better bet on it.

Although Warner and Obama may have different views on how o approach the problem of ending childhood obesity and unhealthy living in our culture and both go about accomplishing their objectives in different ways it’s obvious one should find no fault with either way. You see when it all comes down to it they both work. Obama can Just reach more people and has other things readily available to her that Warner can’t compare with. It’s easy to see that if Warner could do things on the scale that Obama can then she would do it. All because she feels it’s the right thing to do Just as Obama did.

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