Comparing ‘Quickdraw’ with ‘in Paris with You’ Essay Sample

8 August 2017

How make the Poets James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy Present the Pain of Love in their Poems ‘In Paris with You’ and ‘Quickdraw’ ? James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy are both modern-day poets. Their verse forms ‘In Paris with You’ and ‘Quickdraw’ both include the subjects of the hurting of love. This essay compares how the two poets present the hurting of love in their verse forms. researching things such as imagination. vocabulary and form and construction. One manner in which the poets present their thoughts about the hurting of love is through their usage of imagination with their verse forms. For illustration. they both use metaphors about being ‘wounded’ . Fenton’s line ‘I’m one of your speaking wounded’ adopts a wordplay which relates to the look ‘walking wounded’ . used by soldiers to connote resiliency. He feels as though love has antecedently ‘wounded’ him. if non really finished him off.

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Similarly. go oning with the subject of force. Duffy uses an drawn-out metaphor throughout the whole verse form which presents the break-up of her relationship as a gunplay in a Western film. Lexis such as ‘trigger’ . ‘silver bullets’ . ‘wide of the mark’ and ‘blast me’ presents the consequence of interrupting up as injuring her physically.

The two poets have used differing constructions in their verse forms in topographic points to demo the hurting of love. In ‘Quickdraw’ . in stanzas two and three. Duffy has used really short first lines. At first. the reader may believe that these lines are out of topographic point ; nevertheless. if you put the two lines together. it reads ‘You’ve wounded me through the heart’ . This line in peculiar is really powerful and shows that Duffy has been hurt distressingly by the barbarous terminal of her relationship. Contrastingly. Fenton uses a different manner to convey his positions in ‘In Paris with You’ . Stanza three in the verse form is contrasting to the other stanzas ; it has more lines than any of the others. and no rhyme strategy like the others. who all portion the same strategy ABCCB. This may stand for the confusion that Fenton is experiencing over how he feels about love ; the verse form states that he has late broken up with a spouse. and has been ‘wounded’ by it. However. he has found a new spouse. and is get downing to experience that love is a good thing once more. Although Fenton’s and Duffy’s constructions differ in topographic points. they are besides similar in some ways excessively. For case. both verse forms include repeats.

In ‘Quickdraw’ . Duffy writes ‘Take this…and this…and this…and this…and this…’ . This is meant to stand for her spouse hiting her once more and once more ; in world. he is stating many average things to her. and aching her farther each clip he says something. Similarly. Fenton repeats the phrase ‘I’m in Paris with you’ . which suggests that no affair what the twosome have been through in the yesteryear. the fact that they are together is the lone thing that affairs. Besides. the word ‘Paris’ may hold a dual significance of love in the phrase. This is backed up in the last stanza in the last stanza of the verse form. when Fenton writes ‘I’m in Paris with the slightest thing you do’ . which would intend ‘I’m in love with the slightest thing you do’ . Fenton may hold used the word ‘Paris’ alternatively of ‘love’ because he is to afraid to talk of his love for her because of the possible effects that he may finally confront. or he may hold merely used it because Paris is a metropolis associated with love and love affair. The linguistic communication manners of the two poets differ in their verse forms. For illustration. Fenton writes ‘In Paris with You’ in the first individual. He besides uses many jussive moods. such as ‘Don’t talk to me of love’ .

This suggests that Fenton has about become afraid of the word ‘love’ . as he has had a bad experience. or even experiences to make with love in the yesteryear. Either he has late broken up with person. and his hurting is still natural. or he has had such a bad experience that he is frightened to love once more. even after a piece. In ‘Quickdraw’ . Duffy uses an interesting mix of the first and 2nd individual to demo the hurting of love. She besides uses simple verb phrases. such as ‘You ring’ . ‘you speak’ and ‘You choose’ to underscore the hurting of love. Possibly they are meant to stand for the crisp hurting of being hit with a slug. In decision. James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy both use interesting techniques to demo the hurting of love in ‘In Paris with You’ and ‘Quickdraw’ . Through the usage of similar and differing linguistic communication manners. imagination. and construction. both poets have created different positions on the hurting of love. Carol and Duffy’s verse form has been written in a more grave temper. and focuses entirely on the hurting of love and what distress it can convey you. However. James Fenton has written his verse form in a more blithe manner. and focuses more on the fact that although love can be painful at times. it can besides be a fantastic thing.

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