Comparison between Monopoly and Perfect Competition Essay Sample

10 October 2017

A competitory market is one in which single market house have zero market power. In a prefect competitory market each house faces a demand curve that is horizontal. because fluctuations in the houses end product have no noticeable consequence on monetary value

A monopoly occurs when one house called monopolizer or monopoly house produces an industry’s full end product. A monopoly sets fringy cost equal to fringy gross. but the fringy cost is less than the gross.

In a competitory market the production will go on when demand is equal to the supply. In the below figure the market monetary value and end products are defined at Q1 and Pcomp. At this peculiar point monetary value is equal to fringy cost. and the market is efficient as per the demand called allocative efficiency.

But in a monopoly market the monetary value is increased at that place by cut downing the entire cost. The maximal net incomes will happen at point where fringy cost is equal to fringy gross. In the graph towards the right which indicates the monopoly the maximal net income point is at Pmon and Q2. The monopoly can raise the entire monetary value and curtail the entire supply and consequence the economic public assistance. This decrease in the consumer supply will be the net income to the manufacturer.

But this is non ever the instance. The manufacturer besides suffers a loss. Both manufacturer and consumer suffer a loss which is shown in the figure below. This is called deadweight public assistance loss ABC. In this we can see the loss suffered by the manufacturer every bit good as the consumer. But in a competitory market the monetary value is Pcomp and Q1 severally.

Output and net income findings in short tally and long tally for perfect competition and monopoly.

Perfect Competition: Short-run supply curve:

In a perfect competitory market. the production will b at point when Price is equal to fringy cost MC under the status that Price is less than the mean variable cost AVC. From the graph below. fringy cost MC can be used to find the end product the house will provide whenever P & gt ; AVC. The MC curve above AVC indicates the measure supplied for the monetary value determined. This is called short tally supply curve. In general. a absolutely competitory firm’s short-term supply curve is the part of its fringy cost curve that lies above the AVC curve

Long Run Supply curve:

A house will be in long tally if the house makes positive consequence on the market with out losingss. If the current equilibrium monetary value consequences in net incomes the house enters the market. But as the market supply increases the equilibrium falls. Thus the entry into the market is hebdomad. This is zero economic net income in long tally as shown in the figure below.

Monopoly: short Run monopoly:

In a monopoly the house is monetary value shaper but can non bear down a monetary value the client can non afford to bear. The diagram below shows the short term monetary value and end product degrees in a monopoly.

If the monetary value is raised from P1 to P2 in monopoly. the net consequence is decrease in the entire net incomes. The existent net income decrease due to raise in costs depends on the monetary value snap of demand.

If the short-run additions are more in monopoly so many houses will seek to come in into the market. there by the market is no longer a monopolistic market in the long tally.


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