Comparison Essay on Book and Movie

10 October 2016

There are more details in the book as it tells the whole story including the part where Abraham Lincoln is died. Readers can take time as long as they want to read and understand the story. The movie, on the other hand has the limited time to put whole story. To ensure the story doesnot exceed the limit, the story must be compressed and simplified. Some of the parts where written in the book, have to be cut out like the scene where Abraham Lincoln died. There are also some parts where the story are not aligned to the story in the book and make them look similar but actually different.

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Another difference is the number of characters in the story. As the book is quite thick and many pages, so do the characters. The story in the book managed to get alive with the help of the characters, including the not-so-important characters. This will help the readers to understand and imagine well the actual scene. However, in the movie, only the main character and some important characters are there to make the storyline goes well. As some of the parts in the story have been cut out, the characters also are reduced.

So the difference of the number of characters in both book and movie make them different. Last but not least, the two version of story have difference in the emotion and understanding. In the book, the readers can imagine the story based on their interpretation and perspective. So, the understanding among the readers may be different because each of them has their own way of thinking. In contrast, the movie viewers can understand the story in the screenplay and see the emotions which are shown by the characters.

The understanding among them is similar as the interpretation of the story is made by the director of the movie. To conclude, the book and the movie have their own specialty. The story in the book is more details , the characters are many and readers have their own understanding on the story. Conversely, the story in the movie is a simplify version, the characters are less and all the viewers have the similar understanding on the storyline even though some of the parts in the story have been cut out. It is up to the viewers and the readers to determine which version; the book or the movie is better.

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