Comparison of Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln

Comparison of Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln Julius Caesar is remembered as one of the history greatest general, and a popular leader of the roman republic. Julius Caesar would always compare himself to Alexander the greatest. For almost 1 5 years Julius Caesar led armies against enemies. Abraham Lincoln was also remembered as one of the greatest in American history at his time, he was the 16th president of the United States of American.

He was born on February 12, 1809; Lincoln was 51 years old when he was elected president. Abraham Lincoln was a leader in the union of the civil war; he impacted on American istory because he help get rid of slavery and also kept our union together as one. Slavery was a big issue in the United States Abraham managed to bring the country closer to equality. Julius Caesar was one of the first leaders to publish the newspaper, he made the Roman calendar, and the month of July was named after him.

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Julius Caesar effectively transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire under his rule. He made political alliances that helped him rise in power, then he started a civil war won and became dictator for life in the Roman world in 48 B. C. Julius and Abraham were both assonated. Julius Caesar helped poor people. He took the money from the rich and gave it to the poor. Unfortunately the rich didn’t like this. Most of the rich people were in the senate.

One day when Caesar went to the senate they all teamed up against him and stabbed him to death. Julius Caesar had too much control and power, Rich people wanted to rid himself. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to die of assassination. Abraham Lincoln was killed because of his promotion of voting rights for blacks. He was shot once in the back of his head by John Booth this shot immediately dropped him to the floor.

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