Comparison of Learning Theories

4 April 2015
A comparison of the well known psychological theories on learning.

This paper compares the renowned psychologists B.F. Skinner, George Miller, Jean Piaget, and Albert Bandura theories on learning. The paper describes the theory of behavioral reinforcement and the use of uses imagery as a learning tool. It illustrates the repetitive learning process to retain information and claims that we learn from our environment.
“There have been many theorists over the course of history who have had influence upon the world’s ideas of how people learn. While these theorists may stem from some of the same ideas, they are also each distinctly different in at least one aspect of their theories. B.F. Skinner, George Miller, Jean Piaget, and Albert Bandura all have different theories of learning, yet each theory can be related to one another in a number of ways.”

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