Comparison of Meyer Wolfstein to Jay Gatsby

3 March 2017

Comparison of Meyer Wolfstein to Jay Gatsby So far in the novel you see Gatsby as this mysterious fellow, but in Chapter 6 it seems like he spills his life story to Nick, anyway Gatsby still doesn’t reveal whether if he’s part of a mob of some sort. His character always seems to take turns, first it with all of the medals, and pictures, and Christmas letters from the commissioner, along with oxford. Then in Chapter 6 comes the “real truth” of Gatsby so…which one is the real truth. As for Meyer Wolfstein, he is a character who is rather shady, and also seems very smart as he hasn’t been caught for fixing the World Series game.

But I’m really certain the fact that Meyer is part of or associated to the mob/mafia. He seems like a person who chooses to talk to only certain people at certain places, Like when he preferred one restaurant over another on pg74 or on pg 77 when he seemed to leave urgently.

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He is always aware of his surroundings and seems to dislike change. His cufflinks also gave a bitter taste as they were made of the “finest species of human molars” pg 77. Jay’s Relationship to Wolfstein can be deemed wary, for example they say on pg 78 about how openly talk about Meyer Wolfstein and how he fixed the 1919 World Series game.

Personally if I was to talk about something like that I would have been discreet but Meyer Wolfstein and Gatsby have a real connection. It mentions this on pg 76 when Meyer first saw Gatsby and how after just an hour conversation, Meyer felt like he could take Gatsby to meet his Mum and sister. Overall their whole relationship seems highly suspicious, although it could a front to make Gatsby look cool, or might relate to how Gatsby “would so much so look at a friend’s wife” pg 77. This just makes the reader want to dig deeper to uncover the real truth as each chapter gets more interesting. Source: Novel

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