Comparisons of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

1 January 2017

I think the decisions of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were unethical and wrong. To start with, they were both dropouts of college. Bill Gates was a drop out of Harvard University and Steve Jobs dropped out of Berkley University. Steve Jobs was adopted where as Bill Gates had his original family. Steve Jobs was a very odd man, to say the least. He was a hippie in the early days of his life. He did drugs such as acid.

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Bill Gates was a very plain boring person. He loved to play poker and was a very wreck less person in his actions. Steve Jobs did not develop the original ideas of Apple; instead, Steve Wazniack was the original inventor of the Apple Computer. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs went to MITS wanting to test out the Altair, the owner of MITS gave both Steve and Bill a Altair unit, Bill had to talk the owner into giving him one though because Bill wanted a $4,000 signing bonus.

Bill Gates goes to IBM and offers to license them an operating system called DOS, little did IBM know that they did not even have it yet, IBM is willing to buy a license to DOS. Therefore, Bill Gates buys DOS from a Seattle worker for $50,000; when the worker hears that he is willing to give him $50,000 dollars, his jaw hits the floor, and he sells it right away. Steve Jobs is a giant jerk to his employees. He makes them work 90 hours weeks, screams, and yells when they do not accomplish a huge task on a small deadline.

He made an employee so mad one time that the employee jumped up and slammed Jobs’ face off the wall. Bill gates on the other hand, is a very caring person when it comes to his employees, he is afraid to over work them and gives them lots of vacation time. Both men are married and have children. Steve Jobs’ tried to deny that he was the father of his first-born daughter Lisa. The Apple Lisa was named so because of her.

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