Complete the Table Below

10 October 2016

So, I am not going to shop at Morrisons. Again, a recent poll by Sun City “Morri-Poll” reveals the supermarket’s customers are fed up with posh displays such as “misty” exotic vegetables and delis. As one customer, who shopped in Morrisons since 1965 has stopped shopping in the supermarket, while a staff claimed that “I’ve worked for Morrisons for the last six years and the last 16 months have been the worst. ” Such type of comments about a supermarket is particularly dangerous, given a study conducted in 1999 by customer service research firm TARP shows that: * One unhappy customer tells ten people about their experience.

Each of these ten people tells another five people, meaning up to 50 people get to know of one person’s poor experience with a firm. * central-e-commerce unfolds that a dissatisfied consumer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience. About 13% of dissatisfied customers will even tell more than 20 people! | * Loose customers * May lose market share. * Competitors will begin to take over your customers. * A disgruntled customer will quickly spread the word about the poor service he received from your company. * Bad customer service can also lead to decreased profits. The organisation will gradually fail to withstand its good reputation and staff may have poor morale. This may mean your customer service department will become inefficient and ineffective. They will spend the majority of their time on the phone arguing with customers. This can lead to low morale and a high turnover of staff. * Some customers may even complain if they feel they were treated illegally. | Public sector organisations(GP Surgery)| I was suffering from ‘hyper thyrodism’ and was growing pale, dark and thin day by day. Although, I was taking appointment to see my GP but my GP was unable to diagnose the problem.

One of my neighbours, who works in the general hospital said you seem to suffer from ‘hyper thyrodism’, so ask your GP to take a blood test of yours to see the hormone level. Accordingly, after giving my blood test, when I rang the surgery for the test results, the nurse responsible for disclosing the results responded that ‘in your case no further action is required’. I was surprised and asked the nurse again that it seems to me that there is a mistake and that I reckon that I am suffering from a disease called ‘hyper thyrodism’.

The nurse, instead of contacting the doctor, with are stereotyping attitude asked: ‘do you understand English? n your case, no treatment is required’. I responded, yes, I do understand English, could I please talk to your main GP. The nurse did call the GP over the phone. I explained to her to review my blood test. She reviewed and answered diplomatically. But at once gave me an appointment with the GP and forwarded my case immediately to the General Hospital. | Implications of such poor service like my experience are therefore very severe, especially as a lot of public sector customer service is provided to people in times of distress or discomfort. Third sector organisations(Charity shop)| I always donate my unwanted and unused items to a charity shop. But I have recently felt that the shop no more value my donations as their treatment towards me is poor. Therefore, I have started donating elsewhere. | * Poor service would discourage donations and so would threaten the charity’s very survival. * Subsequently, this may adversely affect the service for people who need it, so in this example, those who need charity clothes may not receive them.

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