Composer Report

12 December 2017

Antonio Valid was recognized as a great composer but mostly as an excellent violists. He “as so great, that he was made Into a violin teacher; this says a lot about him, he was a very talented musician. When listening to Vivaldi music, Like The Four Seasons for example, It Is completely Ingenious how Valid was able to Incorporate the feel of the different seasons Into a violin concerto.For example, for the winter, you can hear those harsh and cold notes from the violin. Vivaldi was Just so Inspirational that the music that he composed became popular, and I can see as to why.

Vivaldi was very dedicated. From a young age he wanted to be a musician like his father, and in the ND this is exactly what he did and that, I thought, was very inspirational. I say inspirational because he stayed dedicated to becoming a great musician like his father.Vivaldi, in my opinion, had a warm heart. He had to have had a warm heart since he decided to teach music to orphan children and he would even write music for them and include them in some of his work. Vivaldi, like most composers, wrote according to what the audience liked to hear or how he, himself felt emotionally. For example, when Vivaldi was not doing well economically, his music became very depressing.

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