Comprehending Indian Images and Symbolism

4 April 2015
An analysis of Indian expression of imagery and symbolism.

An examination of Indian arts with emphasis on the images and symbolism in the Indian notions of art and religion. The author examines the influences of the Western world on Indian expression of art.
“For thousands of years the arts have thrived on the Indian sub-continent, with the advent of western influence and occupation taking place only within the last few hundred years. The impact of western influence upon India is unmistakable, especially in regards to her arts and religion, serving not so much as a contributor, but as a critic. To even begin to comprehend and appreciate the incredible diversity and complexity of Indian arts, we must undergo a paradigm shift of our most basic western beliefs and notions of art and religion. Therefore, an understanding of the historical interpretations of Indian art is essential. Going beyond this, we must construct a rudimentary primer on seeing Indian images, also known as daran, and trying to understand, at least at a basic level, the symbolism involved in such religiously rich imagery.”
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