Computer Architecture & Operating System

4 April 2015
Features, advantages & disadvantages of two architectures (complex & reduced instruction set computing) & UNIX operating system. Instructions, decoding, performance, portability and pipelining.

All computers have two key components that determine their performance and power: architecture and operating system. The architecture is how the computer receives and processes information. In its broadest definition, computer architecture includes all the components of a system, but its heart is its central processing unit (CPU) and the microprocessor chip on which that unit is based. The operating system is the interface utilized by users and programs to interact with the machine. The operating system determines whether a system is multi-tasking or single tasking, what types of programs can be run, and what type of external communications can be undertaken. Where the architecture is a hardware issue, the operating system is a software issue. This research combines those two issues to consider microcomputer ..

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