Computer Assembly and Disassembly Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Describe the process for computing machine assembly and disassembly 1 ) Procedure for computing machine assembly
I. Fix the instance. Put the instance out on the level surface. Have all the prison guards that came with the instance nearby. Unscrew the instance entree door from the computing machine if it is screwed in topographic point. You may besides hold to force a button or lever to open the door. two. Assemble the motherboard and some pieces on it foremost. You can force the RAM faculties straight down into their slots until they pop into topographic point. Put the CPU in the processor box. You will necessitate to raise a thin metal saloon and fit the dorsum of the CPU with the pins on the board and so shut the saloon. Put the heat sink and fan on top of the CPU country. There should be four holes where the corners of the heat sink will link on the motherboard. You may necessitate to sleep together the fan on top of the heat sink. three. Put the motherboard in the instance.

Match the dorsum of the board where the card slots and connections are so that they stick out of the dorsum of the instance. Screw the motherboard into the corresponding prison guard holes on the instance. There should be about six topographic points where the holes on the motherboard will line up with these screw holes. four. Put the power supply inside the instance and fit it to the square opening on the dorsum of the instance where the fan terminal of the power supply will lodge out. Screw four prison guards through the instance and into the power supply. Connect the power from the power supply to the motherboard. Some motherboards have two or more power connexions that the power supply requires. These power connexions are different from the remainder. Consult the motherboard manual to happen which connexions to utilize. v. Install all of the thrusts next. These can include difficult thrusts and optical thrusts. Slide each thrust into a bay at the forepart of the computing machine. Screws go through the side of the bay in predrilled holes into fiting holes in the thrust. Screw four prison guard into each side of the thrusts.

Connect a power overseas telegram from the power supply into each thrust. Besides plug a information overseas telegram into each thrust and so into the pronounced thrust connexion on the motherboard. six. Slide each card into the card slots at the dorsum of the motherboard. This can include sound. picture and any other card you have. The cards slide into the fiting card slot on the motherboard ; so you screw them into the instance to keep them in topographic point. seven. Match the little wires coming from the computing machine instance to the motherboard. Depending on the instance. you may hold anyplace from three to a twelve or more. There will be at least power. reset and difficult thrust overseas telegrams. These overseas telegrams slide into pins on the motherboard. Consult the motherboard manual for the exact location. These demand to be connected so you can power your computing machine on and off. Other overseas telegrams might include some on the forepart of the instance for USB connexions or sound inputs. eight. Close the instance and screw the door back into topographic point. The computing machine is now assembled and ready to prove.

2 ) Procedure for computing machine disassembly
1. Fix all your tools which include Long Philip Screw Driver and Soft Wide Bristle Brush

2. Before opening the system instance. be certain to turn off the system unit. Turn off and disconnect the AVR from the wall socket every bit good. After that. disconnect all the overseas telegrams linking to the dorsum of the system unit. After uncluttering all the connected overseas telegrams. set the system unit on an empty working tabular array.

3. Touch the unpainted portion of your system unit with your bare hands to take the ESD of your organic structure. This is an of import portion before opening your system instance. You might destruct your RAM. Chipsets and other constituents of your motherboard.

4. Remove the prison guards of the side screen antonym to the side where the ports are. By most system instances. if you are confronting the dorsum of the system unit the right side screen is to be removed. Return the prison guards back to the prison guard holes to avoid losing them. |

5. Once the side screen is removed. turn your system side down where the opened side of the system unit should be confronting upward where you can comfortably look down on the interior of your system instance. 6. The old measure prepares our preparedness take the constituents inside of the computing machine. The first thing is to take the power supply. To be able to take the power supply. take foremost the molex connections ( the white plastic connection at the tip of the wires of the power supply ) or the motherboard power connection. drive power connections. the floppy thrust power connection. the SATA power connections and the four pin 12-volt motherboard connection. With all power connections are removed from the motherboard and thrusts. the power supply is now all right to be removed every bit good. Always have the removed constituents placed in a distant and safe topographic point off from where you are executing computing machine disassembly.

7. With the power supply removed. the informations overseas telegram should be removed following. This includes IDE. SATA. and floppy thrust overseas telegrams. Procure the removed information overseas telegrams.

8. Following to take are the RAM. Video Card and other card peripheral constituents. Again have them secured in a safe topographic point and put the prison guards back. Clean the connection borders of the card peripherals by rubbing the gold colored edge reasonably with a gum elastic eraser so brushing off the shredding. Do non try to clean the border by blowing or brushing it off with your fingers since the organic structure is acidic and might merely do the borders to stain faster.

9. Remove all thrusts. This will include the difficult thrust. cd/dvd thrusts. and the floppy thrust.

10. The following thing to make is to take the front panel connections. This will include the USB. Front Panel ( FP ) and Audio heading. If you are non certain of which connection is being match to. compose down or document the connexions and orientation of the connections before taking them from the headings. Remember that non all motherboards have the same heading constellation so be careful and alert while documenting.

11. After taking the heading connections. we are now ready to take the motherboard. To take the motherboard. turn up foremost all the prison guards and lightly unscrew all prison guards alternately. With this technique. we are cut downing the hazard of falsifying or flexing our motherboard. Upon lightly loosening all prison guards. take all prison guards so. Remove the motherboard by carefully and lightly drawing it off from the I/O shield. After liberating the motherboard ports from the I/O shield holes. raise up the motherboard and set it on the safe topographic point.

12. Clean the system unit human body with your coppice. besides clean your motherboard and the remainder of the peripherals being removed.

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