Computer Repair Technicians

4 April 2015
The paper studies computer repair technician as a career choice.

The paper shows that the demand for computer repair technicians is great due to the increasing numbers of computers in use today. It studies the courses of study for people wanting to become technicians and the options available to them once qualified.
“This great diversity and wealth of options is what often leads people to a career in information technology. Beginning with a background in computer repair and personal computer technology, an individual can go on to increase his skill set and attempt a variety of new jobs. Additionally, information technology still seems to be the wave of the future. Unlike many professions which have experienced deep declines in the need for new employees, information technology generally, and computer repair specifically, are both fields which are continuing to grow. The trend seems likely to continue into the foreseeable future as more and more computers are sold and more individuals get connected to the Internet.”

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