Computer reservations system

5 May 2016

Manila, with its rich history, tourist attractions and spectacular sunset, offers an idyllic escape into a tropical island world. The City, located in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, is just two hours away from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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April 2010, China Oceanis Philippines opened the first aquarium-themed urban resort hotel in the Philippines. Great care is being taken to ensure that the architecture blends harmoniously with its natural environment, combining the virtues of comfort and elegance with traditional Philippine design and colours.

The hotel, designed by GSN + P Architecture Studio, comprises two floors connected by a long aquarium wall, housing the Club H2O Lounge, Fitness Centre and Spa. The 128 rooms and 19 suites, pleasantly furnished with Turkish Sandalwood marble, natural fabrics and artworks, have the customary upscale amenities, comfortable queen or twin beds, individually controlled air-conditioning, mini bar, personal safe and LCD television with remote control showing in-house movies and cable television.

There will never be a dull moment at Hotel H2O. A healthy stroll at the historical Rizal Park in the early morning, a visit to the fitness centre before shopping at the Sunset Quay during midday, an Oceanarium trip in the afternoon, cocktails at the White Moon Bar while observing the sunset, a view of the extravagant Musical Fountain Show at the Acquatica complex in the evening, and a fun night-out at the Liquid Pool Lounge.

To round-off a trip to Manila, a diverse selection of tours can be easily organized to some of the many attractive places such as the Old Walled City of Intramuros, the China Town of Binondo and the historical Malate Church. Hotel H2O is a member of the WORLDHOTELS, the largest and most established Europe-based global hotel group for independent hotels and regional hotel brands, with a strong emphasis on properties with character and distinction.

Hotel H2O is a member of the WORLDHOTELS, the largest and most established Europe-based global hotel group for independent hotels and regional hotel brands, with a strong emphasis on properties with character and distinction.


WORLDHOTELS is one of the leading global groups for independent hotels and regional hotel brands. The company’s strong emphasis is on properties with character and distinction. It has almost 500 affiliate properties in more than 300 destinations and 70 countries worldwide. Under the banner “Unique Hotels for Unique People”, WORLDHOTELS offers business and leisure travelers a wide choice of individualistic accommodation options in three distinct collections – Deluxe, First Class and Comfort.

WORLDHOTELS’ guests benefit from an extensive portfolio of partnerships, including frequent flyer programs from 19 of the world’s leading international airlines, including Air France/KLM, United Airlines and Lufthansa. To its affiliate hotels, WORLDHOTELS provides a wide range of sales, marketing, distribution and related services.


We provide our customers not only a great stay but also an active discovery and distinct experience. More than delivering a unique design and excellent service, we will create feelings of enrichment, social awareness and inspiration

We are a unique hotel of choice through our commitment to deliver world-class hospitality and excellent service to our customers.



Hotel H2O is situated at the northern part of Roxas Boulevard behind Rizal Park, one of the most historical sites in the country. The hotel’s location also provides a spectacular and unobstructed view of the famous Manila Bay
sunset. It is only 9 kilometres away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and 7 kilometres from the Makati Business District. HOTEL ADDRESS:

Luneta Manila 1000
Telephone: +63 2 238 6100
Facsimile: +63 2 238 6188
Email: [email protected]



I was assigned to the Sales and Marketing department particularly in Reservation Department; here I realize that the reservation is usually the first point of contact between perspective clients and the Hotel, thus the responsibility for creating the all important falls to all Reservations personnel. I. The main function of the reservation process is to match room requests with room availability. Below is the detailed process of reservation: a) Conduct the reservation inquiry

b) Determine room and rate availability
c) Create the reservation record
d) Confirm the reservation record
e) Maintain the reservation record
f) Produce reservation reports

The Reservations Department control room and rate availability, operate and update the guest history and maximize room sales through effective use of rate controls, up selling and yield management (once available on the property management system). In addition, the Reservations Department must maintain a good working relationship with other departments within the Hotel and provide same with occupancy forecasts, reports and statistical data.

II- Types of Reservations:
1. Guaranteed Reservation: Insures that the hotel will hold a room for the guest until a specific time following the guest’s scheduled arrival date [i.e. Check-out time or start of the hotel’s day Shift or any time the lodging property chooses]. On return, the guest shall guarantee his/her reservation of room unless reservation is properly canceled. In order to guarantee a reservation, guests might opt for one of the following methods: a) Prepayment guaranteed reservation

b) Credit card guaranteed reservation
c) Advance deposit or partial payment
d) Travel agent guaranteed reservation
e) Voucher or Miscellaneous Charge Order [MCO]
f) Corporate guaranteed reservation

2. Non-guaranteed Reservation: Insures that the hotel agrees to hold a room for the guest until a stated reservation cancellation hour (Usually 6 p.m.) on the day of arrival.  Reservation agents shall make sure to encourage their guests to guarantee their reservations especially in the high season III- Reservation Inquiry:

 Guests can communicate their reservation inquiries in person, over the telephone, via mail, through facsimile, telex, e-mail… Moreover, reservation inquiries can be made through a Central Reservation System or an Intersell Agency.  While getting a reservation inquiry, the reservation agent shall obtain the following guest-related information: a) Guest’s name, address and telephone number

b) Company or travel agency name
c) Date of arrival and departure
d) Type and number of rooms requested
e) Desired room rate
f) Number of people in the group, if applicable
g) Method of payment and/or guarantee
h) Any other special requests
 Most of the above mentioned information is used to create a reservation record. IV- Sources of Reservations:

1. Central Reservation Systems
2. Online Travel Agencies (EXAMPLE:, Direct With,, Expedia 3. Local Travel Agencies (EXAMPLE: Prie tour, Rajay Travel)

V- Group Reservations:
 Conducting a reservation request for a group shall be treated differently than accommodating a reservation of individual guests (i.e. Frequent Independent Traveler).

The main reason is that individual reservation requests are treated by the reservation department, while group reservations are initiated by the Sales & Marketing division, and finalized through a careful coordination of the reservation from one hand and the marketing from the other. Here are some other differences between handling individual and group reservations:

Individual Reservation
Group Reservation
Reservation Department
Sales Department
Usually one person calls to reserve for himself / herself
Usually one person reserves for the whole members of the group (Group representative, Group leader, Member of the travel agency / Tour operator…) One Reservation record for each potential guest
One Reservation rerecord for the whole group

– One Guest Folio for each potential guest opened as part of the pre-registration process One Master Folio for the whole group opened as part of the pre-registration process Higher price assigned for room

Low price assigned for room
Upon matching room inquiry with room availability, reservation agent reserves a room Upon signature of allotment contract, first block rooms needed. Later, upon receipt of Final List by Cut-off date, deblock the
block, reserve for those rooms conveyed in the List and release the remaining for sale. Reservations can be either Guaranteed or Non-guaranteed.

Reservations are usually on a Guaranteed basis.

 Below is a detailed procedure of how group reservation, in a typical hotel, is conducted: 1. A group representative, a member of the travel agency or the tour operator, not individuals, shall communicate group reservations’ request to the hotel’s marketing department 2. Upon availability, the hotel’s reservation department shall block the requested number of rooms for this very group

3. The Hotel shall give a deadline for the group, in order to receive their final list. That deadline is called Cut-off Date 4. After receiving the final list, the reservation department shall change the desired number of rooms’ status from blocked to booked (or reserved) rooms, and release the remaining rooms (if any left) as vacant 5. If the hotel did not receive the final list by the cut-off date, then the reservation department has all the right to cancel the group reservation and release all the initially booked rooms into vacant rooms.


THEY say that nothing beats experience they serve as the perfect learning tool. For some students, on-the-job training gives them a taste of the real world–a glimpse of what lies ahead after we graduate.

During my On the Job Training at Hotel H2o I learned a lot. I learned how to communicate and understand well what customer service especially in Reservation department where in queries at your hotel takes place.

I have many chances of applying all I’ve learn in my school as our professors imparted a partial knowledge as we go and have a real battle in our chosen industry. I became more responsible about regulations and follow every standard they have. I reminded my self that I’m not here to be lazy, but I’m here to prove my self I have an edge in this industry. I have realized that being punctual is more important than being industrious. For showing that you have that eagerness in the job you’re in, is being like you owned it.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that talent alone is not enough. It is important, but it is no guarantee of success. You must be hard working and should practice self-discipline especially in reservation department where it will all started from booking until the guest will check out. Sacrifice is important, too.

While working at the Reservation Department, I was provided with the needed learning experiences that gave me due advantage for my upcoming career plans: MATCH ROOM REQUEST WITH ROOM AVAILABILITY. This will be done as you encounter an over the phone reservation. Below is the detailed process of reservation over the phone: g) Conduct the reservation inquiry

h) Determine room and rate availability
i) Create the reservation record
j) Confirm the reservation record
k) Maintain the reservation record
l) Produce reservation reports

CHECKING MICROSOFT OUTLOOK FOR INQUIRIES AND HOTEL RESERVATION BOOKING. Most of the queries and room rate requests are being sent online via Internet. It is the job of the reservation associate to frequently check the mailbox for important messages whether it is in-house or the client itself. We trainees also check for incoming e-mails. Also, we sent contracts via e-mail if Fax is unavailable.

CONDUCTING RESERVATION INQUIRY. Guests can communicate their reservation inquiries in person, over the telephone, via mail, through facsimile, e-mail. Moreover, reservation inquiries can be made through an online reservation with specific websites and local travel agencies. While getting a reservation inquiry, the reservation agent shall obtain the following guest-related information: i) Guest’s name, address and telephone number

j) Company or travel agency name
k) Date of arrival and departure
l) Type and number of rooms requested
m) Desired room rate
n) Number of people in the group, if applicable
o) Method of payment and/or guarantee
p) Any other special requests

SENDING OF CONFIRMATION LETTER. Confirmation letter confirms the important points of the reservation agreement. This very letter might be shown at the registration process in order to accelerate the pace of registration and prove that the guest has the right to have a room at the hotel. The Hotel shall send a confirmation letter to all reserved potential guests, whether their reservations are guaranteed or non-guaranteed.

The letter should contain; Name and address of the guest, date and time of arrival, room type and rate, length of stay, Number of persons in a group, if any, reservation confirmation number, Special requests, if any. LEARNED HOW TO USE THE AMADEUS FOR REPORTS, CHECKING GUEST FOLIO. I’m very thankful that I learned how to use this PMS during my stay at Hotel H2o. This Property Management System is very vital to the everyday functions of the hotel. It stores all the vital information and statistics of the hotel such as room occupancy, revenue percentage, group rooming, rooming list, history and forecast, reservations and many more. We use this program everyday in making reports such as the daily report.


On a daily basis, the reservation department shall prepare the expected arrival, stay over, and departures lists and communicate them to the front office department.

Arrival list are the lists of the names, and surnames along with respective room number of the guests who are expected to arrive the next day. Stay over list are the lists of the names, and surnames along with respective room number of the guests who are expected to continue occupy their rooms the next day Lastly, Departure list these are the lists of the names, and surnames along with respective room number of the guests who are expected to depart the next day.

It is so exciting in the ‘real’ world, being independent and figuring things out on your own. This also means having to deal with different people more often, so it is really good to know what you’re doing, and to love it. All we can do as students is to learn whatever we can in school, be inspired, love the path we take, and finally do our best in everything we do, with a positive outlook in mind

The beginning, working with people you have just first met is something different and something that is hard inside. Hard inside that you can’t say anything or do anything that you are usually saying because the near fact the you might offend them or they may think you’re rude. On my experience I have became an observant and a listener to the people I worked with. As days goes on, friendship and understanding with each other is built. I have worked with different people with different kinds of attitude and behavior.

I encounter is those who are jolly and friendly. They are the ones that will help you give your who you are. They will ask you many questions – personal, past experiences and they will also share some of theirs. As a trainee you will never avoid those who are strict and what they popularly called kill joys. Sometimes you may handle them but sometimes you’ll just want to avoid them. They are those co-workers that are more of standard operations. But though they are like that I assure you’ll learn more from them.

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