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1. 1 Introduction of the Study
A Campus Information System for Cordillera Career Development College–High School was proposed in replacing of the Manual Enrollment System of the establishment for it to hold an organized flow of minutess and an easiness of work particularly to the registrar and accounting of CCDC– High School. The survey is concerned on how the manual registration performs throughout the company’s dealing. The CCDC–High School was observed that they are still utilizing manual based operation because of the demand of the computing machine use to guarantee that pressing work is given to proper authorization. CCDC–High School needs this Campus Information System because it is faster and more convenient for hive awaying informations. With the uninterrupted increasing figure of pupil and the manual procedures of registration. they encountered a batch of jobs which includes slow procedure of registration. volume records that the Registrar’s office have to manage and trouble in bring forthing the student’s maestro list. The research workers have proposed a Campus Information System to CCDC-High School that would assist to systematise the registration processes of the school. 1. 2 Introduction to the Company

The CCDC was foremost envisioned simply to be a pre-elementary and reappraisal and modular computing machine centre. However. with efficient leading coupled with sufficient educational experiences and with the encouragement given by our leaders. the program has been altered to include simple. secondary. technical-vocational. collegiate and yes. even graduate instruction classs. The Cordillera College is non to vie with but instead to complement and supplement the attempts of the older and bigger establishments with the common end to educate the young person. The duty to supply quality and relevant instruction that can be considered at par or equal. if non even better than those of others is besides extremely regarded. The operation of the college started during the summer term of 1993 in rented schoolrooms of the Pelizloy Centrum at km. 5 La Trinidad. Benguet with 59 pupils enrolled in modular computing machine classs. reappraisal category for NTC Examination. and typing categories. The school twelvemonth 1993-1994 started with the registration of more than 100 technical-vocational pupils in June that increased to more than 200 pupils during 2nd semester. Amazingly ; the registration during the start of the school twelvemonth 1992-1995. rose to more than 500 and it farther increased to 870 college pupils during the 2nd semester.

Out of this figure. a sum of 157 pupils were among the first alumnuss in 1995 from the undermentioned classs: One twelvemonth Computer Secretarial. Two twelvemonth Computer Technician. Biennial Graduate Midwifery and Modular Courses in Computer. From so on. new plans were offered with the registration continuo addition of registration. The demand for enlargement was seen. hence. a three narrative chief edifice was constructed in a 2. 500 square metre batch country in Buyagan. Poblacion. La Trinidad in 1995. This was possible thru a loan from Social Security System with Metro-Baguio as conduit bank. The operation of the college was partly transferred to the new site in January and to the full in June 1996. Campus development continued to be implemented with the fence of the institution’s margin country. the building of the unfastened gym. phase and bleachers. To adhere the primary end of supplying quality instruction. betterment of schools installations is being addressed. There is the development of the chief edifice first balcony. the building of the pupil centre. gym bleachers. research lab suites. 3-stair category Hotel and Restaurant map room. ROTC Armory. Bachelor Officer’s Quarter. and comfort suites. Further. a three floor Basic Education Building is approaching its completion adjacent to the chief edifice to house Department of Education every bit good as the Secondary and Primary Schools.

A centre of academic excellence and relevant accomplishments and competences for holistic development.

The pupil is the centre of educational attempts in the Cordillera Career Development College. Its alumnuss are equipped with the cognition. accomplishments and values relevant for ; ( 1 ) employable “job seekers” . and entrepreneural “job providers” ; ( 2 ) advocators for the rich indiginous resources and the saving of the desirable cultural traditions and patterns of the Filipinos in the Cordilleras ; and ( 3 ) title-holders of the Filipino values that makes peace and harmonious life in human society possible.

Steering Valuess
Trustworthiness. Tolerance. Humility. Empathy. Environmental. Awareness. Competence. Courage. Harmony. Honor. Industry. Inquisitiveness. Loyalty. Level-headedness. Discipline and Dignity.

Figure 1: Organizational Chart of CCDC-High School

Shown in Figure 1 is the CCDC-High School organisational chart with employee matching work. 1. 3 Statement of the Problem
The current registration and rating system of CCDC–High School is being done manually. As observed by the research workers in the current system. sorting is done strictly manual. This resulted to decelerate processing of registration and payments of students’ histories and inaccuracy in calculation. Screening entirely takes a batch of clip to finish the undertaking sing the figure of pupils being admitted every school twelvemonth. During registration and scrutiny period. long waiting line of pupil in the registration subdivision and accounting subdivision are observed which shows that there is a major job in the processing of students’ minutess in this country. In this instance. clip is wasted by parties. employees and pupil in treating their registration and minutess in the pupil accounting subdivision. 1. 4 Statement of the Aims

1. 5. 1 General Objective

The CCDC-High School are utilizing manual-based operation for their registration which is cause of slow procedure. clip devouring. informations are prone to mistakes. and long waiting lines of pupils during registration and payments.

This survey aims to plan and develop a Campus Information System for CCDC-High School to supply fast. efficient and antiphonal service for the benefits and demands of employees and pupils.

1. 5. 2 Specific Objective
a. Identify the job countries in the bing system and possible countries
for betterment. B. To analyse. form and measure the bing manual procedures of the registration and students’ histories system of the CCDC- Laboratory Secondary High School. c. To make a database for the pupils. to construct and develop a computing machine bases for CCDC- Laboratory Secondary High School particularly their registration. scaling. accounting and pupil records.

1. 5 Significance of the Study
Due to the increasing population of CCDC-High School. this survey will assist the school sing their registration minutess. The proposed system aimed to profit the school in their registration installations such as keeping the files. particularly the registration processes itself. The proposed system aimed to profit the followers:

To the Institution
This shall accommodate the new invention of engineering to assist them carry through their work with optimal public presentation. The developed system will counterbalance the defects and jobs that the company is meeting. Employees would non hold to worry fixing signifiers for the clients and studies for the directors because the system will provide it for them. In add-on. this system is of great aid to the registrar’s office in maintaining or registering the students’ informations every bit good as easier entree to these files when pupils will necessitate it. Furthermore. it will decrease the long clip and lines that pupils had to pass and do during enrollments and payments of tuitions. The pupils will profit by agencies of non holding a difficult clip in falling in line and waiting for their bend to register and pay for their tuitions. To the Research workers

This survey challenged the research workers to force themselves to make their best in developing the registration system. The research workers would besides profit from this survey since they would value the importance of heightening their accomplishments and work public presentation while hold oning cognition throughout the survey.

To the Future Researchers
For the hereafter research workers. this survey could be usage for mentions in instances of the some subjects if they would wish to research the same but more improved 1. 1. 6 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The proposed Campus Information system covers the basic procedures of the CCDC–High School. The system comprises bring forthing studies. pupil appraisal and storing of records to a cardinal database. The system was design for the secondary high school of CCDC. Elementary. College and Nursery are non included. The proposed system does non include the ATM in paying their history.

The Study’s Scopess are as follows:
1. Registration of Student
2. Payment of Tuition Fee
3. Rating of pupil
4. Generate Reports

The study’s restrictions are as follows:
1. Online Payment
2. Online registration
3. Scholarship
4. Nursery. Elementary & A ; College
5. Limited to Implementation

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